Posted by: wildflowerz | February 19, 2010

Where are the eyes that looked so mild when my poor heart you first beguiled

It’s random day.  I plan on doing entries about all my goals.  I’ll do internet research and look for facts and stuff about them.  Might end up changing a few that way, who knows?  But, today I’m feeling random, so here goes:

Weighing – I weigh myself every day.  Officially only once, but anywhere between once and 4 times sometimes.  That sounds compulsive, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t really feel compulsive.  And I don’t think the changes really make me crazy or anything.  Well, crazier.  Here’s how it goes for me:  I try to remember to weigh, sans clothes, right when I get up in the morning.  That’s the official one.  At other points in the day, I sometimes weigh myself just to see how it changes.  So, sometimes before I go to bed.  More often, after I exercise and have breakfast and before my shower.  Rarely after my shower.  Usually, once I’ve recorded it, I don’t really think about it much after that point. /shrug

Greek Yogurt – I have friends who LOVE this stuff.  I tried my third brand today.  Today was Oikos, the Stoneyfield Farm kind.  It was strawberry, fruit on the bottom.  I’ve also tried Phage and some other kind that I don’t remember.  They were each….unremarkable.  Except that I’m talking about them, right?  🙂  The Oikos tasted like regular, slightly bland, fruit on the bottom yogurt.  The other two tasted really chalky and yuck.  I like the non-Greek Yoplait Light Thick N’ Creamy the best myself.  I love the consistency and it’s super yummy.  The Key Lime Pie one tastes just like Key Lime Pie to me.  That’s a win.

3 Mile Sleek & Slim Walk & Pilates – I got this Leslie Sansone from Netflix yesterday.  It was EXCELLENT.  There are some Pilates moves at the end that I didn’t do, but I did the 3 miles and they really got me breathing hard and sweating!  I couldn’t do some of the moves in the end I was so exhausted!  I look forward to doing this one some more in the future.  She did a much better job of reminding you to focus on tightening your core during the exercises, along with more instructions on how to do that that made it more effective.  I definitely recommend it.



  1. So, what is the point of Greek yogurt? Is it made froom something different? Is it healthier for some reason? I mean, if you know you like Yoplait, why eat some Greek stuff?

    • Greek yogurt is supposed to be thicker with less sugar and more protein, so it’s supposed to make you feel more full. I didn’t find it to be thicker in the least. I’ve only had it a few times so I’ve no idea if it made me feel more full. Not worth it though. I figure if something’s supposed to be healthier for me, I should give it a shot, right?

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