Posted by: wildflowerz | March 2, 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away.

Clothes!  I love them!  I hate them!  If I weren’t a stay at home mom, I’d be a prime candidate for What Not to Wear.  They never seem to pick people who don’t have a job or have some sort of purpose.  I could probably benefit from a good tailor too, but that all just seems like too much trouble.  There are several reasons for that.

  • I don’t GO anywhere.  I don’t have a job.  I don’t leave the house very much.  I’m a homebody.
  • I’m overweight.  I want to lose weight.  My hope is that I’ll lose weight.  So, why put all that money and effort into getting clothes tailored when I hope to not be IN those clothes for very long

Now, I KNOW that dressing better makes you feel better.  I know that you should dress the body you have and not hope for a better one (See, I TOTALLY listen to Clinton and Stacy!).  But there’s also the fact that while we’re doing okay with the money with only the hubs employed, there’s not a lot extra and we’ve cut back in a lot of ways.  I can’t justify spending much, if any, money on clothes and/or tailoring.  So yeah.

When I do get clothes, it’s the odd piece from Target, Old Navy, or maybe Lane Bryant when I feel like splurging.  Target says they have a plus size line, but when you actually get there, there’s usually a few tops and not much else.  And what they do have is hard to distinguish from the maternity section.  Old Navy has some cute stuff, but having to order online sucks ass.  Before you should return it to the store.  So you could order several sizes of the same piece so you could try it on and get the right one.  They’ve changed that now.  Almost nothing can be returned to the store.  Return shipping is free IF you’re exchanging.  So you can order one size, try it on and if it doesn’t fit, you can try again.  So it could take forever to get the right thing.  It’s a giant pain in the ass.  Lane Bryant is hit or miss.  Usually I don’t find a whole lot there.  One of the main causes of that is that the prices are just too high for me to justify buying much.

I’ve tried other places but the general feeling I get from most of the places is:  Old Lady Clothes.  I’ve been to Catherine’s, The Avenue, and who knows where else.  I occasionally go to Torrid.  Their clothes are like a cross between Lane Bryant and Hot Topic.  The clothes are funkier, but the sizes are different and that makes it kinda hard sometimes.  Plus, nothing there seems to fit right and the material the clothes are made out of is very scratchy.

Wow, this post has been nothing but complaining, huh?  Let me try and bring it back around a bit.  The pants I’m wearing RIGHT now are too big for me.  They’re slightly too big when I put them on after washing them and they get bigger and bigger as I wear them.  All plus size jeans seem to go that way for me.  They’re made with this stretchy material that stretches way the hell out when you wear it and snaps back when you wash it.  So, if I get jeans that fit me after they’ve stretched, then I’m very uncomfortable when I put them on.  So what’s the solution here?  I sure don’t know of one.  Anyway, the pants I’m wearing right now used to be my pants that just fit and were comfortable.  Now they’re too big!  That’s awesome, right?  I should have measured myself before I started but I forgot.  But I can tell something’s happening ’cause the pants are falling off.  So yea!  🙂


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