Posted by: wildflowerz | March 24, 2010

Help I need somebody. Help not just anybody. Help you know I need someone, help.

Okay, people:  Give them to me.  Give me your easy, healthy recipes and/or websites.  Or even cookbook recommendations!

I use, but I have a hard time finding what I want.  The problem I seem to find with a lot of things is that they’ll call for a little-used item that I’ll have to buy a ton of because it doesn’t come in a small package and I’ll either have to ditch it or stick it in the pantry.

What brought this sudden need on?  It’s not really a sudden need.  I’m always looking for new things to try for our family.  However, I did just watch the first episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night.  And detouring off topic just a bit, it was actually quite good.  I mean, we all know how crappy the school food is and that we all don’t eat as well as we should, but what I find so incredible appalling about the show is how totally resistant the lunch ladies were to changing anything at all and their staunch denial that the food they were serving was unhealthy in the least.  I get that they’ve got a system going and that change, especially to fresh food, may be a lot of work at first and at least a little more work long run, but jeez, ladies!!  Fuck the kids if it’s going to take a little more work!  /rolleyes  If it were resistance to more work, I’d even get it a bit if they’d just say that, but it seems like they absolutely think that serving food with tons and tons of preservatives and bad stuff is just fine and dandy!  Who thinks that way?  I understand that fresh and healthy is more work.  And it’s more expensive.  And it’s hard to change.  But complete and utter denial?  Wow, just wow.

Anyway, back to the topic.  Other than a very brief time when I watched Rachel Ray and watching that Cajun chef with my ‘rents who said “OOOH WEE!” all the time back in the day, I don’t really watch cooking shows.  So, I’d HEARD of The Naked Chef, but I didn’t know anything ABOUT him or what his real name is.  So, I looked and our library has 3 of his cookbooks.  So, I put one on hold and we’ll see how that goes.  I also want to look and see what else the library has.  For some reason looking there never occurred to me.

So, anyway:  Share!  Whattaya got?



  1. I wish I could help you, but I got nothing. I never follow a recipe really. You know how I am, always improvising and making shit up.

    I do have a couple of cookbooks I can loan you indefinitely that have healthy recipes though. If you like. One of them is actually a healthy lifestyle book with a good bit of recipes in it. But the other one, maybe 2 actually, are just recipe books. I will poull them from the shelf and hopefully remember to give them to you if you want them.

    • I’ll check out anything. Do they have good recipes in them?

      • I think they do. But, like I said, I seldom actually follow one. i use them more as guidelines. I enjoyed reading the Low Fat Living book. I don’t follow most of its recommendations, which might be why I am still heavy, but I did get a lot of good info from it. And if you don’t like any of the recipes you see, you can just give them back and I can loan you something different. I am easy about it.

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