Posted by: wildflowerz | March 29, 2010

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

So, I’ve got some great news!  Chris’s restricted stock finally came vested.  It was at a 52 week high, so he cashed it in.  With the money, he’s going to get a much needed computer upgrade (“much needed” according to him! /lol).  We’re going to give Em the old one to play her games on and put it in her room.  She’s got this odd little alcove in her room that’s PERFECT for putting in a built in desk and some shelves.  So we’ll be doing that soon.  He’s also going to go for a second opinion for his snoring and possibly end up getting surgery.  In addition to those two things, the big, exciting news is that we’re going to go to Disney!  Yay!

This time, we aren’t telling Emily, just in case.  We just decided this on Saturday, so I’m just now starting to look into it.  First thing I need to do is figure out WHEN we’re going.  The three important factors we’re trying to put together are that we want to go when it’s not blazing hot, not at it’s most crowded, and when Em has vacation from school.  I can’t find a time when all three are valid.  She’s got a week in September, November, February, and April and 2 weeks in December.  However, November and December are holidays and while we’re not against going during the holidays, evidently that’s everyone else’s prime time, so it’s terribly crowded.  April is crowded for spring break.  February is busy for some reason.  That only leaves the week in September, but it’s still really hot then.  So, what we’ve narrowed it down to is the week in September and one of the first two weeks in December.

September – crowds are low, Em has the week off school, Disney usually does it’s free dining during this time, BUT it’s really hot

December – crowds are low, much lower temps, BUT we’d be pulling Em out of school for the week.

I’d love for us to be able to go in September, but I honestly don’t think I can stand the heat.  I have a really hard time of it.  I wouldn’t mind November, late December, or February either and if the average attendance was just at medium, I might consider it, but they’re all high.  I get November and December, but why is it so high for that week in February?

The Unofficial Guide gives you projections based on past history at their website, but you’ve got to have the most current Unofficial Guide.  Mine’s 2008 and there’s a 2010 one.  I’m not sure if I want to get the new one.  I might go ahead and go for it.  It’s only $13 and it’s an excellent resource.

Anyway, after we get the date nailed down, it’s all cake from there.  I still have all my information from when I looked into all this two years ago.  I think we’ll stick with most of the same restaurants we’d picked before.  All I really need to do is decide which park to go to on which day and then stick the restaurants in there.  We’re doing a value resort and we’re adding the meal plan.  And, of course, doing Park Hopper.

I also realized that the Harry Potter area of Universal opens up this summer!  Em LOOOVES Harry Potter and Chris and I are really big fans too.  So the first time we planned this trip, we didn’t plan on doing Universal, but this time we’ll probably go for one day.  Chris and I still have one day tickets each from the last time we went, ages ago, so we’d just have to get a kid’s ticket for Em.  I’m so excited!


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