Posted by: wildflowerz | April 14, 2010

When you came in the air went out. And every shadow filled up with doubt. I don’t know who you think you are, but before the night is through, I wanna do bad things with you.

I know you’re all dying to know how I’m doing in my challenge.  😉

I’m actually doing pretty well.  I’m hungry.  All the time.  But I’ve found out a few things.  I’m not going to do a food diary here on the blog…I keep track of that over at Fitbit.  But I’ll mention a few things I’ve eaten.  For breakfast, I’m trying to kick some protein in there in hopes of making me feel more full until lunch time.  I don’t know that it’s working, but I’m only on day 3.  Two days I’ve had a hard boiled egg and a light yogurt.  I always plan to have a morning snack of a fruit, but somehow I keep forgetting.  For lunch yesterday, I had a salad with one of those Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers.  After I spilled a bunch of the rice out on the floor, I got the rest of it cooked.  It was just okay.  It probably tastes better than frozen meals, but not by a whole lot.  I had a veggie burger one day that was pretty darn good.  It was the Asian flavor from Morningstar.  It was very spicy and pretty yum.  Last night, I sent Chris and Em to Stevie B’s.  Em’s school partners with them and once a month, there’s a night for their school.  When they go, a portion of their sales goes to the school.  I’ve never actually been to Stevie B’s, but it’s a pizza buffet.  I hear the pizza’s not great either.  I LOVE pizza, but it tears up my tummy.  So, usually when I have it, it’s just a piece, but if I’m going to eat it, I’m not going to eat the crappy stuff.  So, Chris takes Em sometimes when they’ve got a school night.  I had another salad and a grilled chicken sandwich.  Tyson makes these really yummy grilled chicken patties!  Tuesday night we had fajitas.  I had bought some kind of low carb tortillas last week and we had those and I was shocked at how many calories they had!  120 each!  It feels weird that they’ve got SO many more calories than loaf bread.  I’ll search for lower cal tortillas next time, for sure!

Let’s see, I’m doing pretty well with the water too.  I kinda overdid it a bit and ended up having 20 cups on Monday.  I didn’t have much of a problem getting it in on Tuesday either.  Today, I’m almost 3/4 finished and it’s only 10am.  I also haven’t had any caffeine since Sunday and I’ve not really anything in the way of headaches, so yea!

For exercise, I’ve done this Leslie Sansone 5 mile each morning.  I did Walk It Out Monday and Tuesday too.  I think that doing Walk It Out in the evening just after Em goes to bed’s going to be the way to go.  You can technically use the remote with the numchuck (but you need to have a belt loop or pocket to do that), the DDR mat (which we only have for the XBox), or the Wii Fit board.  You can’t wear shoes with the board, but my feet kinda hurt a bit, so I think it helps to put more time between the morning exercise and the evening.

I’m surprised at how hard it is to keep off the scale.  I weighed every day before, but it didn’t FEEL obsessive.  Maybe it was.  I kinda think that I want so badly to step on the scale because I want to see how I’m doing with the competition.  Maybe that’s why it feels like I really want to step on?

I’ve been hungry in the evening after dinner.  I think I found a good solution for that too.  Last night I had a smoothie.  I kept meaning to have them for breakfast, but I kept forgetting.  Also, it’s a bit chilly here still in the morning, so a cold smoothie’s not quite refreshing.  But it does taste yummy in the evening!  I used the same recipe as I posted before, except I left out the Splenda.  Still yummy.  I bought a bunch of frozen fruit this week too, so I’ll probably use some of that soon too, so I’ll have blueberries some too.  Yay!

Did I mention that after they’d weighed everyone in on Monday, they had 19 people!  That’s $475 in gift cards I’m going to be winning!  XD  They said they might weigh some more people in on Thursday.


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