Posted by: wildflowerz | April 15, 2010

One look at you and I can’t disguise I’ve got hungry eyes I feel the magic between you and I.

Really, I’m not very good at this.  I want to eat healthy stuff.  I also don’t want to feel SO HUNGRY all the time.  Obviously, I’m not eating enough.  But I’m having such a hard time finding things to eat!  I’m not getting nearly enough calories.  Let me show you my intake and my burned calories (according to Fitbit) since Monday:

Monday:  Eaten-1670, Burned-2958
Tuesday:  Eaten-1512, Burned-2725
Wednesday:  Eaten-1311, Burned-2625
Thursday: (so far) Eaten-992, Burned-1801

Yes, I know they’re too low and it’s no wonder I’m so hungry, but what can I do?  I literally can’t think of good snack ideas except fruit and popcorn.  I’m trying to eat more at breakfast.  This morning I had 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast.  I would have added a yogurt in there too, but I’ve had a sick stomach for two days there after I’d had yogurt for breakfast.  Today, I didn’t have the yogurt and my stomach felt fine.  I think that might be the culprit.  I have a fruit as a snack in the morning.  For lunch, I’ve had veg with meat.  Salads a few days with a veggie burger or some chicken, peppers, and onions.  Today, I tried to some good fat into me to keep me fuller, but that REALLY failed miserably.  First, I went looking to see what I could find.  Online, all I could find is nuts, oils (EVOO and the like), and fish.  I’m allergic to fish and you can’t just swallow down oil (ew).  So, I had a peanut butter sandwich after I’d eaten some leftover green beans from dinner last night.  I thought it was going to be good, but just before I had to go pick up Em at the bus stop, I was STARVING again.  I’ve felt a little lightheaded all day long.  I had a banana before I went to pick her up.  We went out to get a few things and when we came back, I was SO hungry.  I had a headache and I felt more lightheaded.  I took some Aleeve, had a Diet Mountain Dew (my first caffeine since Monday), and ate some popcorn with Em.  I felt better afterwards, but I’m still hungry.  I just ate an apple too.  STILL hungry, but the headache’s gone.  I really suck at this and I feel like screaming.  I don’t know how to eat, obviously.  I’ve done a few calculators and they say I should have about 1900 calories a day.  For some reason, they use your goal weight in figuring how many calories you should have now, which doesn’t make sense to me, but some other calculators I’ve found don’t take that into account and still come up with the same number.  And if I’m exercising, shouldn’t I eat a bit more?  Maybe, maybe not…depends on who you ask, but I’m not getting even close to the 1900 and I don’t know how to.  Obviously I can cook with oil and get some good fat in there.  But what about breakfast and lunch?

I’m really sorry for this whiny post, but I need some help here.  If you can point me to a good website or book on this stuff, I’d love to see it.  My trouble in reading that kinda stuff before now is that it seems like it’s WAY long on the detail and the science.  Really, I could care less about all that junk.  Give me a simple explanation on the reasoning and then give me tons of examples and I’ll be good to go.

/cry  I’m having a bad day. 😦


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