Posted by: wildflowerz | April 16, 2010

What can you do? What can you do? With a brat like that always on your back, what can you lose?

It’s never more apparent that I made the right choice when I immediately ruled out teaching as a future profession then when I’m at the bus stop in the morning.  There’s this fad with the Littles for these bracelets called Silly Bandz.  If you’re of my generation, you’ll remember jelly bracelets.  (Though trying to Google those for a link led me to either those support bracelets or sex bracelets, so I’m a little disturbed.)  Silly Bandz are like the jelly bracelets of the 80s except they’re thinner and more elastic.  They’re also shaped like things.  Animals are the most common, but they’re shaped like a lot of things.  Anyway, a few of her friends at school gave her a few.  They evidently mostly trade them away, but since Em’s friends are sweet, they gave her some, otherwise, I don’t know that I’d even hear of them.  So, being an awesome mom, we went out to get some yesterday.  She got a pack of Girly ones and a pack of Pet ones.  So, she’s got about 60 of them now.

Anway, back to the main point.  There’s this annoying kid at the bus stop.  Actually, there’s quite a few annoying kids and I think they all live in the same house!  The big sister has been extremely annoying for quite a while.  She’s one that won’t respect personal space at all and seems to be totally ignorant of social rules.  And I’m not talking the stupid, snobby social rules, I just mean regular rules, like don’t hug other people’s kids that you don’t know and don’t give people second by second descriptions of their morning routine when you’ve not been in their house.  Yeah, she’s that weird.  So, her little brother’s also got the weird.  I usually take my phone or iPod down to the bus stop so I can see the time.  The iPod’s a Touch, so it’s got games and stuff.  So, once Em decided she loved those games, she wanted to play at the bus stop.  But then all the other kids wanted to and they’d take it out of her hands etc etc.  I’m not really a confrontational girl, especially since I don’t feel I should have to parent other kids.  But their parents are never there, so my solution is to just not take the iPod any more to the bus stop.  It’s no surprise that the brother and the sister were two of the takers.  The boy now comes ever day and asks if he can play with my iPod.

So, yesterday Em was wearing 4 Silly Bandz that her friends had given her.  He comes up and starts pulling at them, asking if he can have one…begging and begging.  I try to not be one of those parents who solves all their kid’s problems for them without giving them a chance to work them out, so I just listened.  Em’s so my kid.  She didn’t really look at him and didn’t really answer him, but kept playing with the bracelets and talking about other stuff.  The kid’s really annoying too.  He finally gives up and goes back to the back of the line.  So, today, Em’s got a bunch more.  I wouldn’t let her wear all of them like some of the boys at the bus stop, but she had 6 or so on each arm.  Just before the bus comes up, the same kid comes up and starts the same routine…begging and begging and pulling at the bracelets.  Em was doing the same thing and just really not answering.  So, I finally told him that she just got them and that they were her’s.  He wouldn’t go back to the back of the line until the bus came.

These two kids live in the same house as this other little girl who evidently torments Em on the bus.  The other day, Tuesday I think, Em comes off the bus shouting at this other girl that she’s mean.  She’s upset and pissed and I can’t get the exact story out of her.  Em’s friends with another girl on our bus.  She just went to her birthday party a few weeks ago and she likes her a lot.  The mom’s at the bus stop usually when the girl is and she seems really nice too.  So, when I’d asked Em what the problem was, she told me that she (Em), the mean girl, and this other girl all want to sit with Em’s friend and evidently fight about it.  The other girl calls her mean and then she calls the girl mean, etc.  The mom of Em’s friend called me that afternoon to tell me what she sees and what her child told her.  Evidently the other girl taunts Emily saying “I’m going over to (the friend)’s house today and you aren’t!  Nananana!”  The mean girl lives nearer to the friend.  Well, evidently, what really happens is that the mean girl’s been once and SHE asks if she can come over every single day.  Relentlessly, kinda like the annoying boy at the bus stop.  Turns out that she and her brother also live in the house with the other two annoying siblings.  There’s a whole lotta dysfunction going on there that I’m not going to enumerate on, but yeah.  I thought we had a pretty good neighborhood, but I guess you can’t get away from it no matter where you go, huh?


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