Posted by: wildflowerz | April 18, 2010

I want your ugly. I want your disease. I want your everything as long as it’s free.

After that awful Thursday, I felt better, hunger-wise.  Today, I feel like ass, but I’ll get to that.

Friday wasn’t too bad.  Added some PB on whole wheat to my hard boiled eggs and it definitely worked better.  Not fantastic, but definitely better.  Lunch was a big salad with some Short Cuts Chicken.  I had a smoothie with soy milk and flaxseed for a snack.  We did Wendy’s for dinner and I had a large chili and a grilled chicken sandwich.  And no Frosty.  I haven’t had an actual dessert since Monday.  Yea me.

Saturday we got up early and headed down to Fairburn to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.  If you’re from the area and have never been, I highly recommend it.  We got there and headed straight to our favorite show, Barely Balanced.  Em especially loves the show and has a total girl crush on Casey (or Small, if you’ve seen the show).  It rivals her new obsession with Hannah Montana and her old one with Sharpay.  Anyway, show was good, as usual.  After we did lunch…which was troublesome.  The best bet they had at the area we were at was a grilled chicken sandwich.  Except I forgot that I’d had it before and it’s served on a croissant and had thousand island dressing on it.  The taste was okay, but not great.  Em got a new super cute outfit.  They had some super cute, long stripey socks that I thought were going to go over my giant calves.  I bought two pair, but they won’t fit.  Damnit.  I also got two cute pairs of earrings.  We also bought the fire show dvd from Barely Balanced.  We watched most of it later and were pretty disappointed.  The sound is HORRID.  They change camera angels during the show and evidently used the sound for the different cameras, so some shots were ear piercing loud and some were so quiet you couldn’t hear them.  Really bad.  Anyway, Em did a few rides and we watched the Ded Bob show.  That show’s barely changed at all in the 10 years I’ve seen it.  Em hated it.  /shrug  Oh well.  The pollen was HORRIBLE.  When we felt, I felt like my lungs were coated with pollen and dust.  So, we came home and Chris took a nap, leaving me to stay awake with Em.  We went out to dinner to this Italian place near us.  This place always has this guy holding a sign shaped like a guitar out by the highway trying to get people to eat there.  So, we thought it was one of those Italian fast food-type places.  We decided to try it and it’s MUCH nicer than that.  I had a salad with not so good dressing.  They had some garlic rolls that looked AWESOME, but I didn’t eat.  For dinner I had a super yummy Chicken Piccata.

Today we were going to the Braves game.  Em and I got tickets for Chris for his birthday.  Of course, about 30 minutes before we’re about to leave to get some lunch, my stomach starts hurting.  Like WHOA.  😦  I have no idea what did it either.  Chris called a friend of his who’d taken him to a last minute Hawks game a while back and luckily he was available, so he’s gone with Em and Chris to the game.  I’m sitting at home, watching tv, as usual.  I think I finally feel mostly better, but yeah.  This sucks.

Haven’t done any kind of real exercise this weekend.  Of course, we walked around RenFest for a long time yesterday, but I didn’t get all that many steps in.  If I continue to feel better, I think I’ll do an exercise video.  I got a new 3 mile from Netflix yesterday.  Friday, I went to the park to walk.  Walking outside’s much harder!  It’s a track around some athletic fields, but there’s a slight hill at one point.  It was much harder work than doing WAtP!  I actually was going to post my lap times and my song playlist over on my LJ, make it public, and link it from here, but LJ ate my journal entry and I didn’t feel like redoing it.

I feel like I’m hitting that point in the diet where it’s not new anymore and I REALLY just want a big piece of cake.  This is where I question my decision to forgo sweets instead of curbing them.  Am I feeling deprived and that’s going to make me fail?  Or do I need to stay away from them for a while to break the hold they have over me?  I don’t know.  I need to start planning some meals for next week.  Not sure what I’m going to do.  Definitely Ms. Dash chicken one day.  And I’ll make a bunch more to have for lunches.  Other than that, I’m really not sure.  Maybe some kind of soup or chili.

Oh, caffeine.  I’ve had 2 since Monday.  One was that horrible Thursday.  The other was yesterday.  There’s no way I could drink all that water yesterday morning since we were going to be driving for an hour and then at a festival for several hours.  So, I had a drink in the morning.  I did get all my water in in the afternoon.

Yeah, this post was pretty random, huh?  Oh well.  😛


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