Posted by: wildflowerz | April 19, 2010

I won’t explain or say I’m sorry. I’m unashamed, I’m gonna show my scar. Give a cheer for all the broken. Listen here, because it’s who we are.

Week 1 Results:

Weight Lost:  4lbs!!
Points Earned:  67/70
Steps Taken:  122,304
Calorie Deficit:  7378

It was a rough week.  Food was the hardest.  It became painfully obvious that I don’t know what to eat and when in order to keep myself full.  Strangely enough, I’m also having a hard time getting enough calories in.  I’ve talked to some friends and gotten a few ideas.  Most of it require a trip to the grocery store, so I’ll do that this morning.  But some of them I’ve put into practice and it’s helping some so far.

Exercise wasn’t bad.  I did the 5 mile Walk Away the Pounds for 3 days.  Thursday, I did the 4 mile Super Challenge and then tried to do Jillian’s Shred workout.  I was sore for 2 days afterwards!  Friday I went to the park to walk.  Walking outside’s much harder and I only exercised for 35 minutes.  Saturday, we went to RenFest, so I only got the little walking around there.  I also did Walk It Out Monday-Thursday and on Sunday.

This week, I hope to work on balancing out getting food that keeps me full.  I also want to do at least one outside workout.  I probably should try and mow the grass too.  I really need to do that today, but I’ve got entirely too much going on today, so it’s not going to happen.

I also think I need to up my Step goal too.  I’ve been doing 10k/day or 70k/week.  I think I’ll change it to 17k/day or 119k/week.  I got just over that this past week, so I think I’ll stick with just under that this week.  We’ll see how the week goes and if I need to up it.


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