Posted by: wildflowerz | April 30, 2010

I wake up in the morning, I got to sleep at night. But a day without snack time, that just isn’t right. Oh, snack time. Oh, snack time.

Are you kidding me?  This is a letter I just sent to my daughter’s school district after talking with her today about what her school lunch consists of.  Oy vey.  (Btw, I don’t know how widespread it is, but if you don’t know, MealPay is this website where you can put money in an account for school food for your kid and then when they check out, they just put in their account number and it takes the money out of the account for them.  I’m pretty sure you can’t get the money back once it’s in, but I’m off to check on that now.)

I didn’t see a direct email address for someone dealing with the School Food Service at my daughter’s school, so if you could forward this on to the correct person, it would be much appreciated.

My daughter eats school food a few times a week, but we’ve been cutting that back severely lately. The food choices have never been stellar, but when I saw my the menu for this past Monday, I was appalled.  The main choice was a hamburger or cheese fries. The sides were baked potato rounds, baked beans, and fresh fruit. You see, I see a problem there. There’s not the first real vegetable. You’ve got the possibility of two starchy potato vegetable items on your meal and one of them is covered in cheese and fried. You have some legumes, but they’re baked beans so they’re covered in molasses and that’s the best case scenario.

Now, I was pretty happy that one of my child’s favorite things to eat is the fruit plate on Friday. Well, obviously I wasn’t being thorough enough and asking what’s on the fruit plate. If you’re guess is fruit, you’d be sadly mistaken. I don’t know if it varies, but my daughter tells me that a fruit plate (at least today) consists of a cookie, animal crackers, a cheese stick, and strawberry yogurt. I’m quite happy for the cheese and yogurt (assuming it’s low or reduced fat cheese and yogurt that’s not loaded down with sugar and chemicals, but I’m pretty sure I’d be disappointed to find out what’s really in it), but how can you call that a fruit plate and why are there two types of cookies?

I’ve also told my daughter to get regular milk, but today she tells me that she had to get chocolate milk because the regular milk was all the way in the back where she couldn’t reach it and she couldn’t find anyone to help her get it. I’ve instructed her to ask when she got to a person that worked in the lunch room in the future, but is it really too much to ask that if you insist on stocking flavored milks that have more sugar than a soda, you could at least make sure the regular milk is in the front so everyone can reach it?

And yes, I’m sure that you’re thinking it, I did watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I was never impressed with the school food, but after really paying attention because of this show, I’m quite frankly mortified. My daughter has 10 more days of food left on her MealPay plan and I don’t think we can get the money back, so she may or may not use them, but unless there are some changes, we won’t be doing school food any more. I’m grateful for my child that I’m involved enough to care about her nutrition, but I know there are a lot of parents out there who aren’t. And as a consequence, their children are getting over-processed, chemical-filled junk. That’s unacceptable.


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