Posted by: wildflowerz | May 2, 2010

Our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing. As we danced in the night. Remember how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah.


I went to a lovely surprise tea party for a friend on Saturday.  It was a small group…just 7 ladies…and it was fun!  The food was yum and I actually enjoyed the tea.  Me.  I don’t really drink tea.  But it was all yummy.  We had a fixed menu thingy that came with a selection of scones, finger sandwiches, and little dessert cakes and things.  These are the first dessert things I’ve had in 3 weeks.  I thought I was being smart and eating before I went.  It didn’t work out too well.  I ended up eating all of my share (one of each of the things) less one of the dessert things that I somehow resisted, though I really wanted it.  I had 3 cups of tea.  One of them was decaf, but still.  Gah!  Now?  Now all I want is desserts.  I feel like I”m binging.  I’ve had 3 freaking Luna bars today.  3!!!  This is not good people!  As far as calories go, I did go pretty well over my target yesterday, but I was still under what I burned.  And today, I’m only slightly over my target.  But I don’t need to be eating 3 Luna bars.  I’m sitting here, full, and really wanting to go eat something else.  I’m holding off so far.  I hope I can keep it together.  I’ve followed my plan on everything else today, but wow.  Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow!  I did manage to kick out some Walk It Out yesterday and today, but I feel like I should have done much more.

I also realized that our yearly drip down to visit Chris’s sister and her husband at the beach is occurring the weekend before my weigh in for my Biggest Loser contest.  In fact, the day we’re scheduled to weigh in is the day we’re normally driving back.  I’ll probably see if I can weigh in before I leave.  That will give me 4 or so less days to diet before the weigh in, but it will undoubtedly be better than after 4 days at the beach.

I’m reading this ebook a friend sent me and I’m only up to chapter 6, but I’ll post something about it once I get through it.  I’m pretty convinced with it, but there are a few things that are just weird and are striking me wrong, but we’ll see once I’ve gotten through the book.


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