Posted by: wildflowerz | May 5, 2010

You don’t see me fly into the red – one more you’re done. Just follow the seasons and find the time. Reach for the bright side.

So, my pants are falling off.  Holy crap!  Did you hear me?  My pants are freakin’ fallin’ off!!!  Yea!  The shorts I have on right now?  They’re fitted waist walking shorts.  I can EASILY take them off without any unbuttoning, unzipping etc.  I have a pair of trouser jeans that I have to roll the top down to get them to stay on.  Quite a while ago, I went through my closet and got rid of everything except for the next largest 2 or so sizes.  Mistake?  Yes.  I gave up.  I thought I might lose a little weight in the future, but I didn’t think I could get down to where I was before.  And I haven’t yet.  I’ve lost under 10lbs.  But I’m going to get down there.  Anyway, I went into my “closet of too small clothes” last night.  I pulled out 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of jean capris, and a skirt that I’ve not been able to wear in over a year.  A YEAR people!  This is awesome!

I tried Jillian’s 30 Day Shred again yesterday.  The good news is that I got farther than I did last time.  However, I modified more than she did in the video.  I did standing push ups leaning on the back of a waist-high chair.  But I was able to do the jumping jacks much easier this time.  I think a lot of that has to do with these sweat belt things.  My mom had one of these back in the day and I’ve used them too.  Some places they’re called waist trimmers and while they can have a girdle-effect on the waist, they’re held together by velcro and since it’s having to constrict so much, the velcro is HEAVY duty.  It’s clearly visible through any kind of close fitting clothes and for the way it stretches, the velcro doesn’t line up right, so there’s always some scratchy velcro hanging over unless you bunch it up and then it’s WAY obvious under clothes.  ANYway, what it does is hold in that horrible belly fat in so that jumping jacks don’t hurt as much.  HOWEVER, an hour or so after (and make no mistake, I still only did about 7 minutes of the 20 minute workout) my knees were KILLING me.  Last time I did it, my knees hurt for a week afterwards.  So, what’s the lesson?  Do I not do it at all?  Or do I do it more and get my knees used to it?  I don’t really know.

Em and I went to the grocery store yesterday so she could help me pick out some good things for her lunch.  Her brought lunches have never been all that bad, but there’s definitely room for improvement.  I’ve never really found a way to get in some vegetables.  This past Monday, I got her some Veggie Stix.  They’re akin to chips, but they’re made from veg and the ingredients are generally pretty simple.  Of course, nothing’s as good as plain, non-processed veg.  Anyway, so we went to the grocery store and we got her some nice cheese that she picked out.  Slices for ham sandwiches (she’s never liked or wanted ham before) on whole wheat bread or a tortilla with lettuce.  She had one last night at dinner and ate almost the entire thing.  That’s huge for her.  We also got some block cheese and some healthier crackers for snack for school.  The strawberries were particularly yum this week, so we got some more of those.  And also?  We got baby carrots and celery with some small packages of ranch dressing to dip!  Today she wanted a sandwich with lettuce at lunch AND some carrots or celery and dip.  I feel like one veg at a time is about all I should do for a little girl who doesn’t like veg!  So, today’s lunch looks like this:

  • sandwich on whole wheat bread with mayo (about 1tsp..maybe less), lettuce, ham, and colby cheese
  • 100% reduced sugar juice box
  • grapes
  • Snack:  Kashi crackers with mild chedder cheese slices

I’m so excited that she seems to be happy to be eating good stuff.  I’ve also found her running or walking in place a lot and telling me that she’s exercising.  I don’t want her to obsess about it like someone who’s trying to lose weight (me), but I do want her to be healthy and more active.  I think it might be time for a little talk about what I’m trying to do and what she should be doing.  And for the record, that should just be eating mostly healthy things and playing.  🙂




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