Posted by: wildflowerz | May 6, 2010

Rebel girl! Rebel girl! Rebel girl you are the queen of my world! Rebel girl! Rebel girl! I think I wanna take you home I wanna try on your clothes!

I’ve had an LJ for ages.  They do these things called Writer’s Block every day.  On the main page, it’s just some sort of question or whatever to get to you talk about a topic.  I usually don’t do them, but today’s brought up a memory, so I thought I’d repost it here.  Today’s was:  What was your worst travel experience ever, and why?

I’m a shy girl.  I don’t like to talk to strangers.  Once I get to know you, it’s a different story, but to begin with, I’m totally shy.  Keep that in mind.  During high school, I was heavily involved in Key Club.  For those not familiar, that was the high school equivalent of Kiwanis Club.  It’s a community service organization.  Every year, each state has a convention and there’s always a good group from the school to go.  Well, every year, they also have a big convention for everyone to go to during the summer.  When I was in my junior year, it was in New Orleans.  I’d never been.  A friend of mine and I decided to go.  Later, we found out that neither of our sponsors from our school were going to go and my friend’s parents wouldn’t let her go.  My parents wouldn’t let me back out.  Our sponsors found another person to go with us.  It was a boy I didn’t know well, named Burke.  He was a year older than I and his mom was one of my teachers in elementary school.  I was okay with it.  He was a nice enough guy.  However, a few weeks later, another girl signed on.  It was a girl named Danielle and she was a year younger than me.  I didn’t know her well, but my parents were friends with her parents and I always just thought she was annoying.  So, I talked to Burke and he assured me that he’d sit with me on the bus (we were driving to NO) and we’d hang out so I didn’t get stuck with just Danielle the whole time.

We were meeting everyone else from Georgia at a mall in the Atlanta area to get on the tour bus.  My parents drove us 3 up there.  Once we got there, we met another boy who was the lone person coming from his school named Art.  Burke and Art were immediate friends.  Can you see where this is going?  Burke ditched me.  He sat with Art the whole long ride there and hung out with him the entire week.  We had a good amount of free time while we were there but, understandably, we weren’t supposed to go out unless we were in a group.  No one wanted to hang out with Danielle (who was more outgoing than me, but way more annoying) and I was just too shy.  So I spent most of my time in New Orleans in our room, reading John Grisham novels that I bought at the mall that was attached to our hotel.  It SUCKED.  I called my parents all the time and whined about how horrible it was.

I’m not a rule breaker.  I follow the rules and like the structure.  I was even more like that in high school and even my thinking was a lot less rebelious.  But one day, I was bored out of my head and tired of staying in the room and Danielle and I went into NO by ourselves.  We were such daredevils.  We ate at the Hard Rock, bought tee shirts there, and went back to the hotel.  Ooooh….Rebel Girl!  /rolleyes  That was the extent of my “fun” while we were there.

With this story, I have to illustrate what kind of tool Danielle was.  The next year when I was a senior, we had a big group go to some kind of Key Club meeting in the Atlanta area.  I rode with 3 other kids from my class up there.  Danielle rode with someone or another.  When it was time to leave, she told the group that she’d rode up with that she was getting a ride with us back.  I don’t know why because none of us were friends with her.  None of us were even in her class.  So, the people she rode up with left.  However, she didn’t fill US in on her plans either, so before she got to us, we’d left too.  She was left there and her father had to drive up there and get her.  He was completely pissed off about it and ended up calling and bitching at my dad (who he was friends with).  I think she quit Key Club after that.  /rolleyes  What a tool.


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