Posted by: wildflowerz | May 16, 2010

Though the water boils, Don’t turn off the heat. Can’t find the spoon that we once had, The sugar cubes will melt no more.

I’ve been shopping around gyms this past week.  I’d like to amp up my workouts and it seems much easier to do that at a gym…particularly with my favorite, the elliptical.  However, it’s expensive.  In the past, I’ve joined Gold’s Gym and LA Fitness.  Gold’s was my first gym back near where we used to live.  That one was smallish, but all the staff was incredibly nice and involved.  It’s was a minimal gym with no raquetball, basketball, or swimming.  Through my work, I was able to get a discount at the new LA Fitness that opened near us and it was cheaper than the Gold’s.  It was also HUGE.  It had 5x the number of cardio and guided weight machines, 5 raquetball courts, a basketball court, and a 3 lane lap pool.  But the staff was unconcerned with anyone but themselves and ignored everyone else.  The abused the equipment by sitting on it in ways that it wasn’t meant to be used.  When we moved and Chris started working at the Home Depot, he had access to their gym.  Spouses could also go.  Going to the HD gym was only $16/month.  I worked very close to Chris’s work, so it worked out perfectly!  Now I’m at home and driving all the way down to HD would not only be a pain in the ass, but expensive with the gas.  Anyway, there’s a gym on my way to the library that advertises $17/month.  I emailed them and another gym I found online that’s also close.  The second one answered right away, wouldn’t give me any rates via email, then said they could work with me on price and asked how much I was thinking of.  When I told them about the other gym’s prices and that I couldn’t go higher than $25/month, he wasn’t bothered to email me back.  Anyway, I got 2 more flyers during the week for low prices too.  Then I remembered that it’s coming on summer and Em would be out the whole time, so I’m not sure that joining a gym would work.  I’m pretty happy with working out in the mornings, but with Em I’d have to work out in the afternoon instead.  So, yeah…not sure what I’m going to do now.

Our pool opened this weekend.  So, of course, the forecast is for constant thunderstorms all weekend long.  /sigh  Yesterday we went to Target after lunch and I got a 1st Grade workbook for Em for this summer and we got a pool toy and another cute toy for Em.  We came home and watched Where the Wild Things Are (ug).  Later we did dinner at a Mexican place and then Bruester’s for some dessert!  The PB frozen yogurt was YUMMO!  XD


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