Posted by: wildflowerz | May 24, 2010

Lay off. Don’t stray. Well, my kind’s your kind. I’ll stay the same. Pack up. Don’t stray. Oh say, say, say, Oh say, say, say.

Biggest Loser Week 6 Results:

Weight Lost:  1.6lbs (13.2lbs Total)
Points Earned:  69/70
Steps Walked:  120,530
Calorie Deficit:  8404

Yea me!  Another 1.6lbs down!  *does happy dance*  I’m actually feeling better.  I think.  It’s a hard thing to measure and judge.  The heat is a big factor into how I feel during the summer time and it’s hard to judge if I’m actually dealing with the heat better or if the heat just hasn’t gotten as bad yet.  I’m not sure.  There are some things I can judge:  the lawn mowing.  The past few years, I’ve not been able to make it through even the first mowing of the year.  This year, I’ve done three with no real problems.  Also, usually once it starts getting warm, I just overheat REALLY quickly.  Chris has a habit of getting in the car, closing the door, putting on his seat belt, getting comfortable, doing ten other things, and THEN starting the car and therefore turning on the air.  By the time he does all that, I’m sweating and overheating and just generally feeling miserable.  And, of course, once I got all heated up, it takes 10x longer to get cooled down.  So, I’m not sure if it’s AS hot right now as it’s been when I started feeling that way in year’s past, but I know that I’m not feeling that way.  I’m warm when I get in the car, but I’m not overheating at all.

I was careless yesterday.  I missed my chest and shoulders with the sun block yesterday and now I look like a tomato.  It’s not pleasant.  It should guarantee that I’m more careful from now on.  It’s making it tough for me to start exercising.  My sports bra irritates the burn and I’m thinking moving around’s going to make it worse.

Also, I’ve just got to say:  Whoever “they” are that say your body gets used to having so much water and then you won’t have to go to the bathroom so often….they’re fucking liars!  Maybe it’s more accurate to say that you get used to going to the bathroom all the time.  I’ve been drinking 8 and then 10 cups of water/day since January and I still have to go to the bathroom all the time.  And it’s specifically irritating at night.


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