Posted by: wildflowerz | June 2, 2010

You who choose to lead must follow, but if you fall you fall alone. If you should stand then who’s to guide you? If I knew the way I would take you home.

Our major plans this summer consist of going to the pool.  A lot.  We’ve been most days since it opened.  It’s been even better this year than last because Em has a lot of friends in the neighborhood, so she’s got lots of kids to play with.  She made some friends last year at the pool, but a lot of kids tend to stick with who they already know rather than making new friends.  So this is great!  And most of the kids seem really nice.

Yes,  I said “most.”  there’s one little piece of drama.  There’s this family in our neighborhood.  They’re from NY, I think.  The dad’s a really big, loud guy.  The mom is equally loud, but “normal” sized.  She has this this horrible colored blonde hair (kind of orangey) with REALLY dark black roots.  She comes to the pool all the time with seriously heavy make-up on.  A set of the grandparents come too.  The grandfather’s unremarkable and never says anything, but the grandmother’s got a really thick accent (I suck at knowing what kind of accent).  They have 2 kids.  One of the kids is a girl Em’s age and they ride the bus together.  She has an older brother who’s probably 4th or 5th grade.  The little girl will barely say hello to Emily and will only play with her a teensy bit if Em comes up to her in the pool.  If they come in after us, she goes to the other pool.  She’s one of those girls (already at 6 years old) who wants it all to be about her and isn’t happy if it isn’t.  Her brother is a terror.  They came in the other day when Em was playing with some of her friends.  There weren’t a whole lot of people there.  One of Em’s dolls was at the side of the pool and they weren’t playing with it.  He runs in the gate, picks it up, and throws it into the deep end.  No reason.  Then he refuses to go get it.  One of the days earlier when Em and the girl were actually playing together, there was no one else at the pool and they’d left some dolls floating in the water and he was pretending to drown them, trying to make Em mad.  Well, it was just silly, so I ignored it.  He wasn’t actually hurting them or anything.  The dad’s almost never there with them.  I heard at Em’s kindergarten graduation, though, that he’s an asshole.  We were there one day and left.  One of Em’s friends from her class was there.  The girl has two older sisters.  The oldest sister (5th grade) was using one of the floats/tubes of the boys when he wasn’t using it.  The boy wanted it back and she gave it to him.  Evidently the father, for some unknown reason, gets right in the girl’s face and starts screaming at her!  What an ass!

Mostly, though, the kids from the neighborhood seem to be good kids.  She was playing with a girl who was a tad older than her and two boys that were at least 2 years older than her the other day and they were playing Sharks and Minnows.  Well, she’s not the strongest swimmer yet and she can barely touch the bottom where they were playing.  One boy would help her across a lot and let her tag him.  They were also very conscious that she was younger than them and made other allowances, all without being bratty at all about it.  I’m pretty happy with our neighborhood. 🙂


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