Posted by: wildflowerz | June 5, 2010

Organic Meat:

Finally went to Trader Joe’s today, so I can report what I found out about organic meat.  Here it is:

For comparison’s sake, I normally shop at Publix, so I used their meat for my comparison.

Ground Beef:
It’s hard to compare because every place has a different percentage of fat or it’s not listed at all.  So:

BJ’s – 7% Fat – $2.99/lb
Publix – 7% Fat – $4.49/lb
Trader Joe’s – 4% Fat – $4.69/lb
Publix Greenwise – 15% – $5.29/lb
Verde Farms – 15% – $5.49/lb (at Target)
Laura’s Lean – 4% Fat – $5.99/lb (at Target);  8% Fat – $5.19/lb (at Kroger)
White Oak Farms – 10% – $5.99/lb (mail order, but there’s a high shipping cost);  $6.99/lb (at Publix)

Ribeye Steak:
Trader Joe’s – $10.99/lb
Publix – $11.99/lb
Laura’s Lean Beef – $11.99/lb (at Target) $13.99/lb (at Kroger)
White Oak Pastures – $16.99/lb (mail order, high shipping charges)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast:
Tyson – Frozen – $2.00/lb (at BJs);  $3.37/lb (at Publix)
Tyson – $2.49/lb (at BJs)
Naturally Preferred – Frozen – $3.20 (at Kroger)
Harvestland – Frozen – $3.33/lb (at BJs)
Publix – $3.59/lb
Gold N Plump – $4.21/lb (at Target)
Trader Joe’s – $4.99/lb
Springer Mountain – $5.49/lb (at Kroger);  $6.39/lb (at Publix)
Just Bare – $5.70/lb (at Target)
Publix Greenwise – $6.69/lb

And, here’s info on the brands.  Publix and Tyson are regular brands.  Probably corn fed, probably raised with no fresh air, and probably chock full of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Gold N Plump – No hormones, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients.
Harvestland – No hormones, no antibiotics, vegetarian diet.
Just Bare – No hormones, no antibiotics, cage free, vegetarian fed.
Laura’s Lean Beef – Fed grains and grasses, no antibiotics or growth hormones.
Naturally Preferred – Kroger’s “organic” brand, but packaging has no info and can’t find anything online.
Publix Greenwise – No antibiotics or growth hormones, vegetarian diet, raised in clean flock houses with plenty of fresh air, space and light.
Springer Mountain Farms – No growth stimulants or hormones, no animal products in feed, no chemical medicines, no antibiotics, still grown in houses.
Verde Farms – Free range organic, never confined to feed lot, no added antibiotics, no growth hormones, imported from Uraguay
White Oak Farms – Grass fed, no artificial hormones or antibiotics, no confinement feeding, no animal by-products.

Also, there’s both Nature’s Harmony and Carlton Farms.  Nature’s Harmony  is $120/month for 15lbs of meat.  You don’t get to choose what type of meat you get.  It’s $120 deposit that’s refundable only with a 90 day advance notice.  The pickup is once a month for somewhere that’s about 30 minutes away.  They’re only there for 1 hour on a Saturday.  If you miss it, you’re out the money and you don’t get the food.  Carlton Farms delivers to a place only 5 minutes from me on Thursday.  Information about ordering was supposed to be in their newsletter.  I signed up for it, but it didn’t have information about ordering.  They have free range eggs, pasture raised poultry and pork, grass fed beef, and organic vegetables.

In summary, what looks best FOR ME is to buy food from Trader Joe’s in big quantities and freezing it.  Trader Joe’s is about 30 minutes away from me, so it’s not convenient, but fewer trips and freezing seem like a decent plan.



  1. You are the BEST!! I need to get out to Trader Joe’s and stock up on some organic meats!

    I can not thank you enough for being able to organize this information. If you ever lean more about Carlton Farms, will you le me know?

    • I can, but I unsubbed from their emails. They sent out one or two and it was a mess of random stuff that didn’t make any sense if you didn’t know the foundation for how their stuff worked. I don’t have much patience for a business that can’t get their shit together enough to let you know the most basic information.

      It was a bonus for Trader Joe’s ’cause they also had the Met-Rx protein powder that Publix doesn’t. Their f&vs also seemed reasonable to me (though you don’t need ’em). Plus they’ve all sorts of cool stuff to look at and try!

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