Posted by: wildflowerz | June 14, 2010

In reality I’m gon be who I be. And I don’t feel no faults for all the lies that you bought. You can try as you may, break me down when I say that it ain’t up to you, Gon on do what you do.

Biggest Loser Week 9 Results:

Weight gain: .6lbs (14.8lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 64/70
Steps Walked: 109,334
Calorie Deficit: 7190

Well, what happened this week, huh?  I missed 1-2 of my exercise days.  My back was killing me so much, I just couldn’t make myself do it.  Consequently, I also didn’t get all my steps in for one day.  Actually, I didn’t get them in for 2 days, but I had enough extra steps from other days to make up for one of them.  I didn’t do as well with getting the veg in either, missing 2 days at lunch and 1 at dinner.  Oh well, here’s to a better week this week, yes?

I did get some super snazzy new athletic shoes yesterday!  A friend and I went to the New Balance store and I love these lovely shoes to the right.  I, evidently, under pronate, so I walk on the outer edge of my foot and it’s not comfy at all.  So, I got some new, snazzy shoes to hopefully help with the problem.  Plus, I’ll look super cute and cool while wearing them.  Yay me. 🙂  Holy crap, how did that slip out?  I think I’ve been watching too many episodes of The Suite Life with Em this weekend!  Gah!

Anyway, I also have 3 new exercise dvds from Netflix to try out.

ETA:  Aaaaand, WordPress ate part of my entry.  Again.  Here’s what it was supposed to end with:

I have 3 new exercise dvds from Netflix to try out and hopefully relieve my Walk Away the Pounds boredom.  I got:  Petra Kolber:  Cardio for Beginners, The Biggest Loser:  Last Chance Workout, and Walking for Weight Loss (Gaiam).  I’ll try one of those (along with my awesome new kicks) as soon as I finish this entry.

So, here’s hoping for a better week!


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