Posted by: wildflowerz | June 15, 2010

Me mind on fire. Me soul on fire, feeling hot hot hot! Party people, all around me feeling hot hot hot!

Remember how I blogged that I thought I was dealing better with the heat and that I was sure that most of my sensitivity to the heat was because of my weight?  Well, I’m still pretty sure that the sensitivity is mostly because of weight, but holy hell am I ever not doing better.  Okay, scratch that.  I might be doing a little better with the heat, but it decided to morph my area of Georgia into something akin to the surface of the sun.  It’s 95 outside, but it feels like it’s 107.  I was doing pretty well up until last Friday.  Suddenly the temp shot up and even being at the pool is uncomfortable.  We went to the pool on Saturday and I could NOT cool off, except when completely submerged in the water.  But I like to breathe, so that wasn’t feasible.  Yesterday and today, we’ve gone in the mornings and it’s been better, but still pretty damn hot.  Tomorrow, Em’s lobbying to go in the afternoon.  I’m not sure why, but no one else sees the logic in going while it’s just hot and not surface-of-the-sun-hot, so there’s never anyone there in the mornings, but a ton of people in the afternoon.  And while I like sitting out in the relative quiet of the mornings, Em would rather play with her friends.  So, I’m hoping I survive and afternoon at the pool tomorrow.

Chris is home.  He slept late this morning and now he’s already home.  He went yesterday back to the doctor to get fitted for that oxygen breathing thingy he’s gotta sleep with.  He says he didn’t sleep well last night, so he slept late today and now he’s home again.  I didn’t sleep great either.  But this is the first time in months that we’ve slept in the same bed again.  I don’t think the machine really bothered me, but when I woke up at around 6:30 this morning, I had a hard time going back to sleep.  The thing sounded like a dentist’s drill set on quiet. Hrmph.

I got my hairs cut today.  Em and I went by but there were a bunch of people waiting, so I thought I was just going to have to come back another day.  Luckily, we’d also planned on doing a Target run, so after that, we went back and there was no one waiting.  Yay!  I got the same cut I always get.  I’m so boring.  I’ve tried other cuts, but they all look the same.  I’ve got really thing, lifeless hair that doesn’t do much of anything.  And once it starts growing down my neck, it’s hot as hell, so I get it cut again.  Blah.  It does need to be re-dyed, but I plan on doing that just before we go down to visit Chris’s sister and that’s not for a few more weeks.  We were at Target trying to find something for my dad for Father’s Day.  Our general plan for the Mother’s and Father’s day is to visit one set of parents on one and the other set on the other day.  These past few years, we’ve been with Chris’s family at the beach for Father’s Day, so since we changed the weekend this year, we saw them on Mother’s Day instead.  So, we’re going to visit my ‘rents on Saturday and then we’ll be home for Chris on Sunday.  Anyway, my Dad’s SO hard to buy for.  We ended up not finding anything, so we got him a card and some fancy chocolate bar and we’ll get him a gift card for somewhere or other.  /sigh

Did y’all see True Blood Sunday?  Wow!  I LOVE that there’s much more Eric!  /fans self  Also loving more Pam.  She was one of my favorites in the book series, though she wasn’t used as much.  I need to watch it again, though.  Evan Rachel Wood looks so grown up!  To me, she looked like herself when we saw Sophie Anne last season, but she looks much older to me now.  Did United States of Tara finale last week?  Sometimes, I just can’t tell, but there was a wedding, so it was probably the finale.  Leverage starts next Sunday and I’m excited for that.  I’m also going to give The Gates and The Phantom a shot.  We’ll see.

Saturday afternoon we had a play date at the pool.  It was nice for Em to get to play and it wasn’t too crowded for a change, so that was good.  That evening, I met 3 friends at the local yummo Mexican place for dinner and then we went to see Robin Hood.  There was nothing else I really wanted to see.  Okay, so I would see Get Him to the Greek, but one of the friends didn’t want to see that and another one that didn’t mention anything, I was pretty sure wouldn’t wanna see it.  So, we saw Robin Hood.  It wasn’t Nacho Libre bad, but it wasn’t good.  Mostly I was bored.  Also, it was supposed to be an origin story, but Russell Crowe?  He’s 46.  He so didn’t fit the image.  I did enjoy seeing Kevin Durand from Lost, but that’s about it.  Meh, anyway.

Sunday, we met friends for lunch and then sent the guys off with the kids to Chuck E. Cheese while we went to shop for shoes at New Balance.  You saw how well that turned out in my last post.  XD


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