Posted by: wildflowerz | June 21, 2010

Mama told me what I should know, too much candy gonna rot your soul. If she loves you let her go, ’cause love only gets you down.

Biggest Loser Week 10 Results:

Weight loss: 1.8lbs (16.6lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 66/70
Steps Walked: 101,210
Calorie Deficit: 7835

Yay for a loss this week!  Woohoo!  I’ve had memory problems this week.  I forgot for 2 days to do Walk It Out.  Then, I couldn’t fit in exercise on Thursday ’cause I took Em to the dentist when I normally exercise and I kept forgetting about it the rest of the day.  Plus, I don’t like to exercise after I’ve showered.  Anyway, then I didn’t exercise Saturday for the same reason ’cause we were driving to my parents house early.  I did manage to get 5 exercise times in, but I didn’t get all my steps in ’cause I kept forgetting Walk It Out.  /sigh  Anyway, I’ve got 2 exercise DVD reviews for you:

Walking for Weight Loss with Debbie Rocker – I’ve done this one twice, once being today.  There’s a 30 minute workout and a longer one (60 minutes, I think).  I’ve not done the 30 minute one and probably won’t.  It’s mostly walking and a lot of lunges.  I was sweating like crazy by the end.  There’s not a lot to it, but it’s really good.  There are some higher intensity segments (with different types of light jogging) with walking to “shake it out.”  The different types of lunges go on long enough that you’re feeling it and wanting it to JUST END ALREADY and then it ends and you’re walking again.  There’s also a nice segment in there that if someone had described it to me, I’d have thought it was silly, but in practice, I like it.  You go up to larger movement walking and there are nice, tranquil scenes in front of you.  Beaches, waterfalls, clouds, mountains…It’s rather nice!  It only goes on for about 5 minutes or so.  I was sweating like crazy by the end.  I think I’ll make this one of my regular DVDS.

Petra Kolber:  Cardio for Beginners – This one has several workouts that you can mix and match.  There’s 10 and 20 minute sport routines, 10 and 20 minute cardio dance routines, and a 5 minute stretching routine.  I did the 10 and the 20 minute sport routines, followed by the stretching.  This workout isn’t too terribly difficult, but she is mixing lots of different exercises into a routine and if you’re easily confused by that, this won’t be for you.  I generally have a coordination problem, but I didn’t have much trouble with this one.  I’ll try the dance one too at some point.  I’ve only tried this workout once, but I liked it well enough.

My mom and dad have been drinking this Slimming Coffee.  Have you heard of it?  My mom made it sound like it was a type of home-made thing they got from a co-worker, but it’s even available on Amazon here.  They say that it curbs your appetite and gives you tons of energy.  They said it cleared up a bunch of health problems in one of their friends.  So, when we saw them on Saturday, they gave me a couple of packs to try.  You know how a lot of those diet-type pills makes you feel jittery and your heart races?  Well, I FELL like that, but my heart isn’t racing.  Today my head feels a bit cloudy too…kinda like when you’re just starting to get an alcohol buzz.  It hasn’t helped my appetite at all either.  I was just as hungry yesterday and am so far today.  I think I have more energy, but I’m not sure it’s an appreciable difference.  I don’t know.  I might get more from Amazon at some point to try, but I dunno.  Anyone else tried this?

I’m still having a hard time with lunches.  Especially getting veg in, but even just what to have overall.  I end up with plain turkey or turkey and ham sandwiches (nothing but meat and bread), but I don’t like the way that tastes at ALL.  Leftovers are always good, but I don’t always have leftovers, especially after the weekend.

We’re still going to the pool all the time.  I’ve found that I don’t think about food all that much when I’m there, so that’s a plus.  I’ve got some kind of odd rash on my arm, though, but I’m not sure what it’s coming from.  It’s on my left arm where it bends, but not on the elbow or inside of the arm.  It’s on the top side between the two.  The skin feels bumpy in an area about 3″ around.  It’s slightly redder than the rest of my arm and it itches.  It kinda looks like a burn blister, but it’s been there for about a week and it’s not getting better or peeling or anything, so I’m not sure.  I can’t think of what else it would be.  I’ve been getting a lot of sun from the pool, so I thought it was just a sunburn, but maybe not.  I don’t know what the deal is with it.


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