Posted by: wildflowerz | June 25, 2010

And I’m giving you a longing look. Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the book

We’re having a difficult time here.  Em has become one extremely whiny six year old.  Yesterday, she was playing at the pool with a friend she hadn’t seen all summer and for no real reason, starts whining because she can’t get the inflatable thing they’re sitting on to move.  I mean, whining and crying.  Had to have a short time out.  She was good after that, but that’s unusual.  Usually once it starts, it’s on.  Like dinner last night.  We had chicken stir fry with brown rice.  We’ve had to institute a new rule for dinner time because the tantrums were taking their toll.  Sometimes, I make something that’s too spicy for Em to eat (chili, fajitas) and I’ll make her something different that’s usually her choice.  I try not to do it too often, but there ya go.  So, if I make something that was her choice, she’s got to eat half of it.  If I make something for the entire family, she’s got to eat 2 bites of everything.  No, that’s not enough to fill her up, but if she’s hungry, she’ll eat.  2 bites isn’t a lot to ask, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem.  So, of course, she hated the stir fry last night.  I think mostly because it had lots of things she had to take 2 bites of:  brown rice, chicken, carrots, beans, cauliflower…  So, there was another melt down.  Anyway, if she doesn’t eat what she’s supposed to (2 bites of each or 1/2) then she gets tv taken away.  If she complains about the food, she has to go to bed early.  We kept having to remind her over and over again to eat (She stalls.  A LOT), so we told her that if she didn’t eat 2 bites and if we had to remind her again to eat, she’d lose tv.  She says, “That’s okay.  I don’t mind losing tv.”


Chris took her into another room to talk to her.  I’ve no idea what exactly the solution was because I was having a down day and couldn’t really deal with it.  So, I finished up my food and went upstairs to our bedroom to lay down.  An hour later, I came out and she was having quiet time in her room.

I’m so frustrated!  I’d love to give her some play dates here with other kids, but she’s so ugly when they come over that I don’t want to do that to anyone’s kid!  There’s a girl from her bus stop that she LOVES and she’d done a play date with at the girl’s house before school was out.  I want to reciprocate, but I don’t want the girl to come over here to be yelled at by Em because she’s not getting her way.  So, what to do?  I really don’t know.  I never got any reports about this kind of crap from school.  She had a few incidents at school, but nothing major.  I just don’t know.

When I ask her, she says she’s tired and didn’t get enough sleep.  We put her to bed at 7pm and she’s probably asleep by 8pm.  She sleeps until 7am.  We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday for her and she said she should be sleeping between 9-12 hours, so she’s spot on for that…even at the higher end.  She says she can’t take a nap because she can’t sleep when it’s so light outside.  She’s got ugly blackout curtains on her windows, but the light still comes around the edges.  So, now she’s using a sleeping mask when she goes to bed at night and for naps.

For the summer, we didn’t want her to get rusty on school stuff, so we got her a First Grade Workbook.  I divided the number of ways of summer vacation (sadly, only about 60) into the number of pages, taking out weekend days and vacation days and she needed to do about 10 pages a day.  Now, each page isn’t that difficult, even for a 6yo, but she’s moaned and whined over doing them so badly, it was getting awful.  I think we’ve fixed that.  She was only doing them during the week, but what we decided to do was bump the number she had to do down to 5 and she’s gotta do them on the weekend too.  And if she doesn’t finish by the time she starts school, she’ll continue with a few a day until she’s done.  It’s working.  Not only is she doing the 5 without complaint, but the first day she did them (yesterday) she did 12.  Today?  19.  I also told her that when she completes the book she can get a new Webkinz.

We’re also going to get her into soccer in the fall.  I looked around this morning for leagues in the area.  I only found 2 and I thought there were more.  One’s the local Y.  They focus more on teamwork and having fun than the score.  For this age, I think that’s a good thing.  Em has a problem losing games we play at home, so I think more focus on just the fun would be good for her now.  But to do the ones at the Y, you’ve got to join the Y.  It’s only $12/month for kids, but an adult has to join with them.  And while I’d love to take advantage of their gym, an adult is $55/month.  So, no.  I did find another league and it’s going to be $125 plus $50 uniform fee for first timers.  That includes a tee shirt and a soccer ball.  It’s 9 weeks from early September until November.  She’s excited about it.  It was the only team sport I could think of that she’d like.  One of her friends do gymnastics, but her mom was telling me that she has to pay $200/month for that!  And she’s doing for all 3 of her kids!  :-O  Plus, gymnastics isn’t a team sport.  Em wants to play tennis too and she’s going to do a week in July here at our tennis courts, but again…not really a team sport.  Anyway, she seems excited about soccer, so I’m hoping she likes it. 🙂


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