Posted by: wildflowerz | July 6, 2010

Sometimes I say stupid things I think. Well, I mean I…Sometimes I think the stupidest things, because I never wonder, oh how the girl feels.

So vacation tomorrow.  I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today, including weighing in for this Biggest Loser contest.  However, I can’t get the person to let me know when I can come and weight in.  I hate when you can’t get someone to just give you a freakin’ answer already!  I emailed her late last week to see if I could weigh in today and asked what time would be good for her.  She says I can and to just call her.  Dude.  Just tell me!  So, I thought I might see her yesterday at the pool, but she wasn’t there, so I emailed her around 4 when we got back.  I still haven’t heard from her.  I was down .8 more this morning so YAY, but I have to eat before the weigh in, it won’t matter.  But she won’t let me know!  Jeez!

Em’s still asleep.  I know, I can’t believe it.  She’s slept until 8 that past few days.  Yay Em!  She’s been super cranky in the evenings these past few days too.  We were planning on going to a neighbor’s 4th party on Sunday, but she was so heinous that we had to just put her to bed, amidst much screaming and crying about how this was the worst 4th of July ever.  It feels to me like people insinuate that we’re strange because we put Em to bed so early.  But when we don’t…when she doesn’t get her normal amount of sleep, she’s a she-devil.  So I’d rather put her to bed early than have a raving kid like a lot of the ones I’ve seen.

Is anyone watching this show on ABCFamily, Huge?  It’s got Zoe from Firefly and the chic that played Tracy in Hairspray.  It’s got a bunch of overweight kids at a fat camp.  It’s really quite good.  It’s got the girl who continually gains and loses, the girl who all the guys are in love with, the angry girl who doesn’t think she needs to lose weight, the awfully perky counselor, the director who used to be overweight and still battles with every single bite and has a food pusher dad, the Jillian Michaels scream-at-you coach, and the slightly older than the campers hot guy who looks like he’s falling for one of the campers.  It’s pretty good. 🙂

Holy crap, I’m so hungry now.  I might have to just eat.  I still haven’t heard from the BL person.  /sigh

Have I talked about vacation?  Chris’s little sister lives in south Georgia about a mile from Florida and pretty close to the beach.  For the past few years, we’ve been going down to their house for a long weekend with Chris’s whole fam.  In general, we have a pretty good time.  We normally go to a small water park one day.  Honestly I can’t remember what else we normally do, but still.  The drive is a pill and we’re all crammed into a small house, but still, it’s generally a good time.

As for how I’m going to handle the diet situation….ug.  Go with the flow, I suppose.  I won’t be able to really exercise.  It’s HELLA hot down there and I’m not doing dvds in front of anyone.  For food, I”m not sure why, but they insist on cooking 99% of the time (one meal last year, we actually went out to heat, but it was so not good).  So, I have absolutely no control over what I eat.  So I’m bringing Luna bars and protein powder, but that’s about all I’m going to be able to do.  Let’s just hope for healthy stuff.


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