Posted by: wildflowerz | July 11, 2010

Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care. Glide by the people as they start to look and stare.

Day 1, Wednesday: We left home around 8am. We listened to Harry Potter 6 for quite a while, but Chris hit some button and now it’s fucked up and will only repeat the first chapter or so, over and over again.  This same thing happened before.  I can’t get it to work now.  I was going to just buy it on iTunes, but that thing was $50!!!  Are you kidding?  I put it on hold at the library, so we’ll just listen to it then.  Anyway, we did lunch at McD’s.  Had a salad that was quite yum.  We got down to their house around 2:30pm.  BIL and nephew weren’t coming in until the next day and the grandparents weren’t there yet.  We hung out, waiting for the grandparents to get there, and had dinner when they did.  We made our plans for the rest of the week and I think we ended up calling it an early evening.

Day 2, Thursday:  All of us except Grandma (who stayed at their hotel) went to the pool to hang out.  For some reason, it didn’t open until noon, so we lazed about during the morning and then headed over.  We spent almost 4 hours there.  It was SUPER hot, but water felt nice and there was a nice breeze in the shade. After we’d been there about 3 hours, BIL and nephew showed up for a bit.  Chris, Em and I went back to the house and all got showered and stuff. Em played with the nephew. We did spaghetti for dinner (super yum) and played a game called Things afterward. Oh my.  So, in the game you get cards that say stuff like “Things you shouldn’t do with your tongue” or “Things that dangle.” Evidently MIL is filthy! We kept it pretty G-rated until the kids went to bed, but at soon as we did….  I was putting Em to bed and they carried on with the game.  The topic was “Things that dangle.”  MIL popped out with “balls!”  Hehe!  I never would have expected it.  I get back out and we’re all playing and we get the topic “Things that make me want to vomit.”   BIL had to read the answers for this one and he had a few bad ones.  The last one he hemmed and hawed about reading, but finally did.  XXX warning for you!  It was “Cum in the mouth.” :-O We get through the turn and no one guesses who wrote it down.  It was MIL!  Afterwards, the BILs played Madden (blech) while the sisters went to bed and Chris and I read.

Day 3, Friday:  I got up with Em.  We all had an early breakfast and then headed out to the Summer Waves water park.  We had a good time.  We had an early lunch and left probably around 1 to come back.  Our car got back to the house and the other car had decided to stop at the store for something.  However, the keys and any phones were in the other car.  Luckily, a car had been left unlocked, so we opened the garage door and went in that way.  I was having a bit too much family time, so I hid out in our bedroom and watched the Pretty Little Liars that I had downloaded.  We ended up having way too much spinach and artichoke dip (which was SUPER yum…it was Publix brand if you’re looking for some later) and chips and when we had pizza for dinner, no one ate much.  I had 1 whole slice.  The grandparents left right after dinner.  We put the kids to bed and the rest of us watched The Green Zone.  I actually enjoyed it, even though it was a war movie.

Day 4, Saturday:  Saturday was beach day.  We got up really early and headed out.  Grandma punked out and stayed at the house while the rest of us went.  We got there just before 9 and hauled 2 car loads of beach shit out there.  It was nice for about an hour and then it got hot.  It was hot, sticky, and sandy.  I remembered why I don’t care for the beach.  It’s fine if you’re staying ON the beach and can shower off and immediately change into regular clothes, but when you’ve got to stay sticky and sandy, it’s so not awesome.  But the kids LOVED it, so I guess it was worth it. 🙂  We were there until around noon when we finally packed it up and were going to head to this restaurant pretty close to where we were at.  We got all the shit hauled up to the car and I was overheated.  Not only do I hate that ’cause I feel bad, but I don’t like attention, especially when I’m feeling so crappy.  Of course, they’re caring people and want to make sure I’m okay, but mostly I just want people to leave me alone, ya know?  Then I feel crappy ’cause I feel that way and I’m inconveniencing people.  Yes, I have issues.  Anyway, I had a water and we drove up there and ate.  The food was decent and it was nice and cool inside.

We did Mexican for dinner and most of us even made it there!  😛  When we got home after dinner and grandparents left immediately. We played Lego Rock Band with the kids for a bit and then regular Rock Band after they went to bed. We stopped later and watched She’s Outta My League (which was funny, but the BILs thought it was HYSTERICAL ‘cause they’d had so much to drink, I think).

We got up this morning and tried to pack up and have breakfast. We ended up eating McD’s again for lunch (I used to like it a lot, but it was just ug today). We finally got home to 6 messages on our answering machine. No one ever calls us. It was 2 messages from the library and 4 from politicians. I’ve got everything put away, the laundry going, picked up 3 books from the library (the newest Stephanie Plum and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest among them! Yay!), and picked up some stuff at the grocery store. Chris and Em are playing Lego Harry Potter.

The “diet” did NOT go well.  More on that tomorrow.  My Biggest Loser competition is over, but I’m still going to be doing updates.


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