Posted by: wildflowerz | July 13, 2010

There’s 104 days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.

I can’t believe Em has less than 3 weeks before she goes back to school.  It seems like she just got out for the summer!  And I don’t know where the people that write Phineas & Ferb are, but 104 days of summer vacation??  Not even close.  Em got about 60 days.

Anyway, Chris took 6 days of vacation and since last Wednesday was the first day and we came back on Sunday, we’ve got 3 days at home.  While were at his sister’s house, we usually do all our birthday stuff (well, except for me and one BIL who get the shaft ’cause it’s always tacked on to Christmas).  Chris got some gift cards for Best Buy and stuff, so he wanted to go use those.  And since we were going to be out doing that and seeing Despicable Me (it was cute, but not wonderful), we decided to go ahead and do back-to-school shopping.  Chris’s teacher sent home the list for 1st grade at the end of the year last year, so we knew what was needed.  So, we did lunch and then went by Best Buy.  We didn’t have enough time to really shop there, so we ended up bailing on Best Buy and doing the movie and then coming back.  Chris had a few things he was thinking of, but he ended up spending his birthday gift cards on something for the family.  We finally got a Blu Ray player.  And since if you’ve got a Blu Ray, you need something to watch on it, we splurged and got a pack of the first 6 Harry Potter movies.  /cheer  This also means that we can take our old DVD player upstairs to replace the DVD/VCR combo that’s up there.  The DVD on that one stopped working a while ago.  So, yay!

After that, we went to Target to get Em’s school stuff.  I can’t figure out why they’re so specific on a lot of these things.  I mean, I can understand them not wanting you to get notebooks or things with characters or even prints on it, but they’re oddly specific and the things they want us to get couldn’t be found.  They wanted her to have a 150 sheet notebook with a marble cover.  First, I couldn’t find ANY 150 sheet notebooks, much less with a marble cover.  Why a marble cover, though?  Solid would be easier to find.  We ended up getting her 2 100 sheet notebooks with a marble cover.  /shrug  I was disappointed in the backpack selection.  Not a lot of character backpacks at all.  Em’s into Hannah Montana and Wizards and they didn’t have any of either.  The only live-action show they had on a pack was iCarly.  They had a few cartoon characters, but not much.  So, Em picked out this super cute one with a little cartoon frog on it.  It’s looks like a kind of generic Keroppi.  They also had a lunch box that matched with an attached water bottle.  We needed a thermos too and the only acceptable one was a Littlest Pet Shop one, so there ya go.

After that, it was off to Old Navy where we got Em a few things.  Pants are just a problem.  She tried on two pair of jogging pants and the XS ones fit just a bit too tight, but were just the right length.  The S ones fit great around the waist but were way too long.  And you can’t really fold those up like jeans.  And Em is NOT a big girl.  /shrug  So, we ended up getting two pairs of jeans (one boot cut, one skinny leg), two dresses, a pair of brown pants, and three super cute tee shirts.  She doesn’t need a whole lot of clothes at this point, so I just wanted her to have some new outfits for school.  🙂

My mom called yesterday too and she wants Em this weekend.  So, I’m taking her up there on Thursday and she’s bringing her back on Monday.  Chris wants to go see Inception this weekend, so we’ll probably do that.  To me, it looks too Matrix-like for it to be any good to me, but we’ll see.

Not sure what we’ll do today.  Forecast said rain, rain, and more rain all day, but it’s sunny and pretty clear right now, so who knows.  I forgot to do Walk It Out last night, but I did get a 3 mile exercise video in this morning, so there’s that.  I still feel awful though.  Female-ness sucks sometimes.  😦


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