Posted by: wildflowerz | July 16, 2010

Biggest Loser Results!

I guess I missed posting about this.  Thanks Chou for reminding me.

Okay, I weighed in on the Tuesday before we left, giving me 6 less days than everyone else.  But when I got back and weighed when I should have with the group, I’d gained 2.2 BACK, so it’s good that I weighed before then.  BUT, my percentage still would have put me in the same place, no matter when I’d weighed.  However, even if I’d had an extra week at home, I wouldn’t have won.  Here’s the results:

#1 – Male – 11.41% – 29lbs lost
#2 – Male – 9.91%
#3 – Male – 7.43%
#4 – Female (ME!) – 7.26%
#5 – Female – 6.18%
#6 – Female – 4.21%
#7 – Female – 2.06
#8 – Female – 1.88%
#9 – Female – 1.18%

There were 21 people participating and everyone else either didn’t weigh in or netted 0.  They’re going to do it again in January.  Not sure why they’re waiting until then, but whatever.  If I can stay consistent, losing 1.5lbs/week, I hope to be down by 39 total come the beginning of January.  However, I’ll still have a decent amount to lose by then.

I am pretty proud that I was the biggest female loser.  Too bad they didn’t separate it.  I mean, everyone knows that men generally do better than the women at losing weight.  That’s pretty obvious from the results too, yeah?  Anyway, that’s not bitter feelings or anything, just observations.  I’m proud that I’ve managed to stick with this and do as well as I have.  Vacation’s set me back.  I’m really wanting sweets.  I’d done well by mostly giving them up until then, but I indulged and now that’s all I want.  So, it’s like I have to start over again with that area and that’s discouraging, but I’ll do it.  I’d gotten to a point where a bite of a sweet thing I could bum from Chris really was satisfying enough.  I’m back to square one as far as that goes, but I did it once, and recently, so I can do it again.



  1. well, it’s not starting over in that this time you have the experience of being successful before and you know you can do it! 🙂

    That said, I am the same way – fine when I am off of carbs (starch is harder for me than sweet) but too much and it’s like i never stopped. Ugh.

    Very proud of yoU! You should suggest that they split it up in the Jan BL contest into men and women. I agree that would be LOADS more fair.

    Excited to hear you plan to keep going bt now and then!

    I wonder if there are enough of “us” interested to do a contest of our own?

    • Hmm…who’d we include? Sevedra wasn’t interested when our neighborhood did it, so I doubt she w/b now. That just leaves 3 of us potentially. /shrug


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