Posted by: wildflowerz | July 26, 2010

Lay your head back easy, love. Close your cryin’ eyes. I’ll be layin’ here beside you when the sun comes on the rise. I’ll stay as long as the cuckoo wails and the lonesome bluejay cries.

Being Healthy Week 15 Results:

Weight loss: 1.0lbs (21.8lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 52/70
Steps Walked: 68,104
Calorie Deficit: 6048

Well, that was totally unexpected.  I fully thought I’d have a gain.  I was resigned to it.  I was okay with it and ready to move on and do better.  Then, I lost a pound!  Huh.  Whattaya know?

I sucked at exercise this week.  Em had tennis and that effected my schedule a lot.  She had to be there from 8:30 until 9:15.  I did exercise Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  I don’t remember why I skipped Wednesday, but Friday we went to the pool after tennis.  I was going to make it up this weekend, but I just didn’t.  I only got to Walk It Out 3 times this week too.  I kinda sucked.  I hope to do better this week and definitely will next week when Em’s back in school.

For food…I was okay until Friday.  Friday, we ordered pizza.  We don’t do it much and I usually only eat a slice when we do.  I planned it for my one bigger meal days, so there was no problem with it.  We didn’t have any salad in the house to supplement it with, so I ended up eating 2 pieces of pizza and 5 chicken wings.  Saturday we went to a baby shower.  For real food, I ate most of Em’s hamburger (she had only a few bites) and a few chips.  Not too bad.  But then, I ate a mountain of cake.  And I felt awful about it.  I didn’t specifically ask for a mountain of cake, but that’s what I got.  And, of course, it’s all me as to whether I eat any of it or all of it.  I was good for about 5-6 big bites.  But then I started feeling uggy.  But instead of stopping I ate the rest of it.  Blech.  NOT a good idea.  Then, we ended up doing leftovers for dinner, so 2 more pieces of pizza.  Yesterday we did Mexican for lunch and sandwiches at dinner.  I’m still struggling to get veg in.

We stopped by Trader Joe’s on Saturday and picked up some more Met-RX for me and some snacks for Em for school.  We got some popped chips (TJ’s brand, not Pop Chips…they didn’t have them), dried apple rings, some dried fruit snacks, yogurt covered vanilla cookies shaped like stars, and some blueberry pomengranate cereal.  We’re going to look for some more stuff for her at the grocery store today.

Em finally finished her first grade workbook yesterday.  She’s very proud.  So, we’ll go this week and go shopping finally.  I want to find a small thermos for her lunch box.  Target only had too large ones or ones that aren’t actually designed to keep anything cold.  I hope to find a small one that will fit inside her lunch bag.

I’m thinking I want to decorate a bit.  But I’m thinking of going photography.  I want to do some nice black & whites.  I’ve found some good stuff at  I’d like 3 big prints for our bedroom.  Em wants to take down the Nemo wall stickers in her room and possibly the Lilo and Stitch stuff.  I’m not sure what she might like to do in it’s place.  I’ve got a ton of lithographs from Disney, so maybe we’ll frame a bunch of different ones?  Maybe get some other posters of stuff she likes?  I dunno.  If we take down all the character stuff, her room’s pretty beachy still, so maybe something with that?  I’m not sure.  I’ve got a bunch of Em’s 8×10’s to frame too.



  1. Sorry about the cake… I srsly thought you DID ask for it. You and M were standing together and she said y’all had decided to split that cloud of icing and you were giggling, then later when I had cut everything else y’all were still there and she repeated it, so I thought it was a “y’all” request. I was surprised but knew you were kinda in limbo between Biggest Loser and school back and thought maybe you wanted to indulge a bit. Sorry!

    • Oh, no! Don’t apologize! That was totally not directed at you OR at M! M said that and I didn’t disagree. It wasn’t my idea, but I wasn’t particularly pro or con for giant piece of cake, so I just went with it. XD I definitely felt crappy from eating all of it later, so lets hope I learned something, yes? /lol

      • srsly, i think at age 38 i may be finally starting to learn that. I had a piece of cake too and that night there was mondo cake left and when I looked at it, I thought, UGH. I will feel oogie. 🙂 Geez.

        in other news, very interested to hear what you do with Em’s room – we are redoing C’s room too! She informed me that purple and lavender are “kissy, baby colors.” She wants a rocker chick pad. Black and blue to match her guitar – you know, the one that just got smashed at the shower? Sigh.

    • Once again, for some reason, I can’t “reply” to the second comment. Not sure what’s up with that. Hopefully you’ll see this.

      We’re not doing a major overhaul on Em’s room or anything. We’re going to take down the Nemo wall stickers and do something on that one big wall. I might get another comforter cover for her in a beach or ocean theme if I can find one. She says she wants to take down the canopy thing too, but I think it’s super cute. Not sure if I’ll do that, but if I do, I’ll have another big wall. I’ll probably get some wall letters and paint them with her. I’m thinking of framing some of those Disney lithographs we got back when we bought Disney dvds directly from the store. And I’ll probably snag a Harry Potter poster somewhere for above her computer. Oh, and she needs a desk lamp. So, nothing major or work intensive. XD

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