Posted by: wildflowerz | July 28, 2010

I’m the kind to sit up in his room. Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, But I know this much is true: I wanna do bad things with you.

Shopping extravaganza yesterday!  We started out at the library.  Em finished all 3 levels of the reading club.  She got a coupon for a free kid’s meal at Chick-Fil-A, a certificate, and entered into a drawing for a gift basket.  We also picked up a bunch of books, of course.  I finally got the Half Blood Prince audiobook too.

After that, we headed down to the mall.  We got tons of stuff.  We got several things from The Children’s Place:  3 pairs of colorful gym shorts for underneath dresses, a tee shirt, some silly bandz, and these two outfits:

We looked at a few places at the mall for some cute shoes, but we couldn’t find much. I’m not going to spend a ton on tennis shoes for a 6yo, so we tried Payless, but their stuff wasn’t cute and they didn’t have much. We tried a sports shoe store and their stuff was all ugly. 😦 We went upstairs and found a super cute new Sanrio/anime store upstairs too. And it’s actually a pretty large store. TONS of Hello Kitty and friends stuff.  Anyway, we got to the Hallmark next and Em picked out a new Webkinz.  She picked out this cute little baby blue rhino.  She thought all day trying to find a name for him.  She decided ‘Bob’ was perfect.  /lol  She came up with that all on her own.  Hehe 🙂  After that, we went to Claire’s and got her a small jewelry box and a bunch of earrings.  Lunch after that and then the Disney Store.  There we got 2 nightgowns for Em and a Nightmare Before Christmas vneck tee, Alice key chain, and Miss Piggy mug for me. Of course, they actually had Hannah Montana and Alex Russo backpacks and lunchboxes there.  After we’d found nada at Target and settled on something else.  Oh well.  Anyway, then it was on to the Croc’s store, were Em got these cuties.  I tried to get her to get black with blue flowers, but she wouldn’t be swayed.  Luckily, these match the tee she picked out at The Children’s Place pretty perfectly. 🙂

We headed out to see a movie after that.  Ramona and Beezus.  It was at the Regal and with their club thing, we got a free small drink and $1 popcorn, so I went ahead and got them.  I couldn’t believe how big the small was!  It was at least 20oz!  We shared the drink and she ate most of the popcorn.  The movie was pretty darn cute.  That little Joey King is adorable!  And maybe I was emotional for some reason, but I had a few tears in quite a few places!

After the movie, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to try and find a desk lamp for Em and a very small thermos.   I also looked for some of those sandwich cutters (that use the whole sandwich and cut out shapes and cut off the crusts?), but I couldn’t even find those.  Chris told me to get an LED desk lamp for Em, but I think he’s lost his mind.  They had nothing like that.  Of course, it worked out when I got home and had a BJ’s mailer and there was a coupon for a desk lamp making it about $4 AND it’s blue.  So, yeah.

We also went to Off Broadway to find some tennis shoes for Em.  They had 3 whole pair in her size.  And it’s not that the selection was THAT bad, they actually had at least 10 pairs of girl’s tennis shoes, but they just had hardly any in her size.  2 of them were pink.  We got the other pair.  They’re actually quite cute and I adore Sketchers.  Of course, I had to change them to blue shoelaces instead of while immediately. 😛  Em was complaining of an achy tummy (too much popcorn, maybe?) so we came home after that.  We’d planned on stopping at Hobby Lobby too, but we didn’t make it.

About a week ago, Chris emailed me this link of a tent/sleeping bag/folding chair combo that he found online for $30 or so and wondered if Em would like to play in the tent.  So he ordered it and the tent got here yesterday.  I confess I didn’t look much at it when he sent it to me, so I was surprised when he set it up and instead of the small 2 person tent I was imagining, it was an 8’x9′ 4 person tent!  It’s up in her bedroom right now and she slept in it last night.  XD  Right now she’s playing it it.  She’s got those tube things she plays in so when she goes back to school, I’m going to put those up and clean the living room.  Then we’ll reassemble the tent there for her to play with.  It’s not like we use the living room except at Christmas!

On the decorating front, I unexpectedly found some stuff I hadn’t planned on!  I was looking through the cheap prints at  Our dining room is red.  Originally, I’d planned on making it a kind of Asian theme, but hadn’t followed through for lack of funds.  So, when I was looking through prints, I found 3 different ones that were black & white, with one small red thing in each.  One’s of London, one of Paris, and the 3rd one’s Milan, I think.  They’re all the same size.  I think they’d be perfect in there with some easy cheap, black frames.  So, I ordered those.  Yay!  I also ordered the Kissing on VJ Day print for the bedroom.

Today’s lazy.  As soon as I finish this entry, I’m going to exercise.  We’ll probably go to the pool after lunch.  Here’s hoping that “evil” girl isn’t there.  Did I blog about that?  The second time, I mean?  We went to the pool on Monday and that girl was there again.  We stopped at our regular spot and Em got in the pool.  That little girl was there again and she called out in a sing-songy voice “Evil!” to Em!  Then I think she was telling her friend that was there with her that Em was evil.  Dude.  I called Em back to me and we decided to move to the other pool (we have two right next to each other for no reason I can fathom).  Turns out, the other pool has a much smoother bottom.  Em played by herself the whole time (no one else her age showed up), but it was nice.  What the hell is wrong with that girl?

Tomorrow’s Open House.  Wish us luck that she gets some good kids in her class and a good teacher!


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