Posted by: wildflowerz | July 29, 2010

All those times, in history, when The Doctor wasn’t there, I wondered why. I know the answer now. The Doctor must look at this planet, and turn away in shame.

I can’t even express how happy I’m going to be when we see that the little girl from the neighborhood isn’t in Em’s class this year.  Truthfully, at school they didn’t seem to have much of a problem with each other, but this summer’s been annoying.  Today, we went to the pool in the morning.  I’ve never seen them there that early, so I didn’t think we’d see them today.  Guess who came?  Not only that, but the play date the little girl brought was Em’s best friend from kindergarten.  They didn’t even say hello to Em.  When we got up to leave, little brat girl says to their friend, “let’s go play in that end of this pool now” pointing to where we were.  I had told Em right before we left that the nice thing to do would be to go and say goodbye to them.  Especially since the other girl is a particular friend of Em’s.  The brat girl said this just as Em started walking over there.  I just looked at her and said “wow.”  Of course, the mom wasn’t paying any attention.

I know y’all will all be glad if she’s not in Em’s class too, so you won’t have to hear me bitch about it all the time, huh?  🙂  I knew that girls particularly, did this stuff, but I thought there’d be a reason for it, no matter how tenuous, but this is just stupid and hurtful for no reason and it’s driving me crazy.  I hate to see Em get hurt all the time by stupid, bratty little girls whose moms can’t teach them to behave like a decent person.  And there’s nothing I can do about it.  I can hold Emily while she cries and tell her that she’s done nothing wrong and that she just has to be the better person, but that’s a cold comfort when you’ve got to play by yourself over and over again when you’re so-called friends are being ugly.  It’s tough!

I’m still having a hard time getting back with the healthy stuff program.  I’m still trying to be reasonable with food, but a lot of the other stuff’s out the window.  I didn’t do regular exercise this morning, just Walk It Out.  I’ve had a caffeinated drink most days this week and I’m rarely getting all the water I need.  I feel like snacking ALL the freakin’ time.  I’m not just giving up as I’ve done in the past, but for the rest of the week, I’m going to try and be easier on myself.  I’m going to start fresh next week and hopefully get on a schedule.

I got my posters in the mail today.  Now I just need to go and look for some frames.  Luckily, a friend told me that JoAnne’s is having a sale on frames and prints (Thanks Michele!), so I’m going to try and go tomorrow and look at them.



  1. Nice Torchwood quotation. Makes for a heck of a URL 🙂

    • Heh, thanks! Almost all my subjects are super long. At times like these, I’m very thankful for TinyURL!

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