Posted by: wildflowerz | August 2, 2010

Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man in a factory downtown.

Being Healthy Week 16 Results:

Weight gain: 1.4lbs (20.4lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 50/70
Steps Walked: 66,469
Calorie Deficit: 2974

Yikes!  This is VERY expected.  It’s no secret it’s been hard to keep a schedule this summer.  And vacation threw me off quite a bit.  I’ve really let a lot slide this week.  A LOT.  I barely exercised.  I barely did Walk It Out.  I ate at Chili’s last night and had one of my old meals, Chipotle Chicken Fingers with fries and then we went to Bruster’s afterwards.  I have a hard time letting ONE meal slide a bit and not letting everything slide.  Something I need to work on.  Though I had been doing better at that kind of thing.

Anyway, today’s a new day.  I just packed off Em to 1st grade and I’m here at home.  I plan to jump right back on the exercising wagon, as well as the eating right wagon.  🙂  I’ve gotten some new dvds from Netflix to try too.  I’ve got some yoga and pilates.  I’ve still lost over 20lbs and that’s awesome!  And all with sensible changes, eating real food.  I’m still trying to eat mostly non-processed stuff and not that prefab garbage, but I haven’t been doing great with it.  Snacks that are nonprocessed has been my biggest hurdle.  Fruit sure, but that doesn’t tide me over for very long, though yummy.

So, once I finish this entry, I’ll be exercising.  Followed by some heavy house cleaning.  I’ve NOT done a good job of that this summer at all.  Our house REALLY needs some heavy cleaning.  So, in typical Jenn fashion, I’ve made a big checklist to keep up with all of it.  Let’s hope I can stick with it.  I plan on cleaning the family room today.  Possibly the kitchen too, depending on how long it takes.  I also need to go to Publix and BJs.

Chris and I both took Em to the bus stop this morning.  Along with all the other parents, it seems.  We had 3-4 new kids there this morning.  We were missing quite a few too.  The bus route info at school said we’d have 19 at our bus stop.  I think we’ll be more.  We had almost that many this morning and we were missing at least 9 that decided to drive to school on the first day.  Sure, annoying girl has graduated to middle school.  However, her annoying brother was there and annoying mom came down too.  She came down once during the last week last year, so here’s hoping she’s not going to come any more this year.  While we were talking just after the bus picked them up, annoying girl comes walking down the hill too!  Anyway…I  heard from another mom at the bus stop that Em’s 1st grade teacher is good.  Though, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t heard anything bad about any of the teachers yet.  So, that’s good. 🙂


  1. AWESOME! I am all energized just reading your post. 🙂 Good job turning things around. 🙂

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