Posted by: wildflowerz | August 3, 2010

Captain America’s been torn apart. Now he’s a court jester with a broken heart. He said turn me around and take me back to the start. I must be losing my mind “Are you blind?!” I’ve seen it all a million times.

First day of 1st grade is done and she’s off for her second day.  She had fun.  It’s always hard to get details out of her.  The questions must be very specific.  And a lot of times too many of them brings out the grumpiness.  /sigh  Anyway, she says she made 2 new friends yesterday.  However, she can’t remember their names.  /lol  Though she could tell me that they’re both blonde.  Silly girl.  She’s liking her teacher too.  At least she remembers the teacher’s name, yes?  🙂  I have to say that this new PE schedule sucks ASS.  Last year, she had PE on Monday and Wednesday.  Simple.  Easy to remember.  This year?  Not so much.  This week, she’s got it 4 days…each of the rest of the days of the week.  The next 3 weeks, she’s got it 3x each week, but it’s never the same days.  I stuck the calendar in her closet.  She always wears shorts under her dresses or skirts with shorts built in, so she’s always going to be fine with that, but she needs to wear tennis shoes for those days too.  And my girl likes cute sandles and other types of shoes too, ya know?

I’m actually kinda happy to start up the bus stop routine.  I like having adult time when I feel comfortable with it.  I feel reasonably comfortable with the ladies at the bus stop.  We seem to be lucky at our bus stop.  The moms that stand with their kids are pretty nice.  They’re people I’d like to be friends with.  But I’m shy.  I try and talk, but I always feel awkward.  Oh well.  I’ll just keep trying.

I cleaned the family room yesterday.  I changed the furniture around a million times, only to eventually change it back the way it was ’cause I didn’t like any of them.  After dinner, Chris helped me and we got it a different way.  I don’t love it, but it’s not bad.  We’re keeping it this way for a bit to see if we like it.  I also went to the library.  I didn’t check before I went, but I’d had 2 books that were “in transit” since Friday, so I was hoping they’d come in.  I got there, and of course they hadn’t.  But I had a book they called about last week, so I had to get it or it’d go back on the shelves.  So, yesterday before I had to go get Em from the bus stop, the library called.  They did a summer book club for the adults too and I won!  I think it’s a basket of gardening stuff, so totally useless to me, but still!  I won something!  Of course, last night they called to let me know my books came in.  /sigh

I also got the groceries done, but didn’t get to BJs.  Hopefully today I will.  I did a new exercise DVD yesterday too.  It was pretty good.  Today I plan on exercising after this entry, then cleaning the kitchen.  Ug!  I managed to get the pantry cleaned out and rearranged, but I still need to clean all the rest.

This must be the most boring blog entry every.  I’m talking about freaking housework.



  1. Actually, you are talking about banging out a to do list, which always gives the anal retentive among us (cough cough) a thrill. 🙂

    I know what you mean about the shoe situation! Cat has to have shoes on pony and PE days and it is hard to keep up with. Truly, as much as she likes the cute, I think we are going to stick with closed toes most of the time this year, saving the cute for the special occasions. Safer that way! 🙂

  2. I have not figured out why all of my comments have a green face and a tongue sticking out, but just for the record, I am NOT choosing it! 🙂

    • Sure, sure. You’re just being surly. 😛

      I was used to last year where twice a week, she had to wear tennis shoes. She wore them some at other times too, but still. She could wear sandles, or boots, or crocs, or whatever. She had all her cute “first week of school” new outfits picked out and now she’s wearing cute little dresses and such, but with tennis shoes. 4 days of PE a week, though? Really? Sounds like a bit much to me. Of course, it doesn’t appear that she’s doing much in class except games, arts & crafts, and watching Arthur movies.

    • Oh, and if you MADE a WordPress account, you could upload your own avatar.

      Just sayin’. 🙂

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