Posted by: wildflowerz | August 4, 2010

Driving down the boulevard all alone. The neon signs are calling your name. Find me in the corner having the time of my life. You’d think you’d wanna do the same.

Evidently, they’re not going to learn anything in first grade.  Em’s been 3 days now.  They’ve not done any math or writing.  They did a tiny bit of reading yesterday.  Other than that, they’ve watched Arthur movies, painted Arthur pictures, and done puzzles and stuff.  She says they’re not going to have homework until next week, so maybe they’re not going to do any actual school work until then?  Jeez.  Don’t get me wrong…I can see a day, getting to know stuff.  Even two days.  But a whole week?  I’m so not impressed.

I didn’t have any errands to do today, so I did a lot of lounging and trying to finish up DS9.  I cleaned the living room, took down her tent/tube things and put up the big tent that Chris got.  I also half cleaned the foyer.  And a tad in the library.  I need to get out the ladder tomorrow and do some re-arranging in the library.  I think I need some short shelving unites to put under the wall shelves we already have.  I’d kinda like to have some with doors maybe.  Or possibly just another set of the square cube things.  Actually, that probably would be best, I think.  Hmm..

I did a short cardio workout this morning because I was also going to do a short yoga one.  I don’t do much that’s not cardio.  But I figured since the challenge is over and Em’s back in school, I would work on some strength and calming type stuff.  So I got a few pilates and yoga workouts.  The two yoga ones I got are both Rodney Yee.  I got a Beginners one that’s really long and another one called AM Yoga that has 5 20min segments.  It’s also supposed to be good for beginners.  I popped it in.  Um, no.  I haven’t tried yoga in ages.  And while I did do pilates for a bit, I’ve never gotten any yoga that I cared for.  Mostly, I feel too out of shape and unwieldy with all this extra fat.  The first thing is mountain pose into downward facing dog.  I know those poses.  Except, you go down to the dog and you can’t effing see anything to figure out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing.  And the descriptions aren’t helpful.  And my arms are weak and are giving out and I’m just not happy.  I ditched it.  I did make sure to do Walk It Out this afternoon before I picked up Em, though.  I’ll give the longer one that even has Beginners in the title next time, but I’m not optimistic.  At all.

We have a few things coming up.  Chris’s older sister is turning 40 in a few weeks and her husband is throwing a surprise party for her.  I know nothing about it except what day it’s supposed to be.  And the husband didn’t even call us directly.  Chris’s little sister did.  Odd.  The next weekend, Em’s got a birthday party for one of her new friends at the pool…a nice one. 🙂  It’s a pool party too.  The next weekend, I think, is a GNO.  I think that makes the next weekend Dragon*Con.


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