Posted by: wildflowerz | August 9, 2010

To the Gentlemen I’m Miss Fortune, to the Ladies I’m Sir Prize, but call me by any name any way it’s all the same.

Being Healthy Week 16 Results:

Weight loss: 1.0lbs (21.4lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 62/70
Steps Walked: 126,841
Calorie Deficit: 8373

Do you ever feel like you’re doing a whole lot of work for just a little bit of results?  This week, I stepped up everything.  I almost doubled my steps.  I almost tripled my calorie deficit.  My points earned went up by 18%!  Yet I only lost a pound.  And, yes, I do realize that 1-2lbs is normal and safe.  And unless you’re on The Biggest Loser, anything more than that is going to be water weight loss (especially in the first week) and not sustainable in the least.  But I would have thought that jumping up everything I did would have resulted in at least a 2lb loss.  Oh well.  Nothing to do but to keep trucking on.

I have had one victory so far this morning.  We went to Ikea yesterday and we were DRAINED at the end, so we picked up some monster cinnamon rolls.  They were a 6 pack, so we had 2 left.  Chris ate one this morning for breakfast, but there’s another one.  Sitting on the counter in the kitchen.  Mocking me.  I put it out of the way and covered it up, but I wanna eat it so bad!

I added a whole bunch of exercise dvds to my Netflix queue.  I hope at least a few of them are good.  I even added some Richard Simmons.  I’m that desperate.  Here’s what else I’ve added:  The Firm: Hard Core Fusion, The Firm: Cardio Overdrive, Women’s Health: Train for Your Body Type, AM and PM Walking, Kukuwa Dance Workout, Richard Simmons: Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Richard Simmons: ’80s Blast Off, Crunch: Cardio Dance Blast, Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party, Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates, Crunch: Super Slim-Down, and Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates.

Anyway in other news, as I said, we went to Ikea yesterday.  Let me say, I don’t recommend going with your husband.  Well, let me amend that:  I don’t recommend going with MY husband.  We got the Ikea catalog earlier this week and looked through it.  I didn’t mention a whole lot about it except for a few minor cheap things.  So, on Saturday Chris suggested we go this weekend.  I was surprised.  A friend had mentioned wanting to go, so I coordinated with her and we decided to go on Sunday.  I’ve been wanting to make some changes to Em’s room, so I wanted to look for some new bedding, some shelves, a new lamp, a magnetic board etc for her room.  Also, we needed a new frying pan, a big mirror or picture for above the mantle, and a few other small things.  Every single thing that we looked at that I hadn’t mentioned earlier, we argued about.  We found these chunky, hollow floating shelves for $9.99 each.  Except when we get there, the shelves are small enough, that Chris can’t hang them because they won’t go into 2 studs.  He asked someone that worked there and she said they weren’t any good.  She got some and brought them back.  So, they also had these, but in a longer version on a big display there.  But they were out of all of them except this brownish/black color.  Le sigh.  The other shelves they had weren’t great.  They were all these heavy things and not what we were looking for at all.  I don’t want to put books on them, just some small knick knacks and stuffed animals.  We’d also foundthis shelf and liked it a lot.  It would be great in a corner.  When we got to the end, they, of course, were out of all of them but red.  Grrrr.  So, evidently I didn’t tell Chris that I wanted a magnetic board.  They only had the round one in black, but they had a rectangle one in white.  The only magnets they had were orange (ew), but how easy is it to get some different ones somewhere else?  First, I thought of putting the board on the big wall in Em’s room with some other pictures and things.  Chris ignores the part where I said we put other stuff on the wall and just keeps repeating that it’s too small for that wall and that we don’t have any magnets to go on it.  So, we figure out that it would go great above Em’s computer.  Except Chris says it will be too hard to hang up above the desk.  Are you kidding me?  I’m trying my best to be calmer and not bitchy about it, but he’s really pushing all my buttons.  I ask him to give me decent answers about why he’s arguing about this stuff.  I also tell him not to give me any problems unless he’s got some ideas for solutions.  Of course, that didn’t work.  Anyway, I finally just give up and move on.  We looked at everything in Ikea, so we were looking at chairs and we found these very solid wooden chairs.  Our chairs for the kitchen have been falling apart for ages and these chairs were only $20.  I’ve not found anything even approaching that price anywhere else.  Except Chris says we can only get those or the stuff for Em’s room.  Um, huh?  Since they didn’t have the big shelf we wanted for Em’s room, we did end up getting them.  We look at textiles after that and I found 3 different duvet covers that would be cute in Em’s room.  I gave her the choice and she picked what I thought was the cutest one.  I want to get a bright pink throw pillow for her bed too, but they didn’t have one.  In kitchen stuff, I found a cheap teflon pan.  We need the big size.  It was about $30 with a $9 lid.  First, Chris argued about whether we need a lid (we have 2 from the pans before the one we have now).  Then he argued that we were here to get a cheap pan and that wasn’t cheap.  Before we got to the regular pans, he kept insisting I get this wok that was really cheap.  I don’t fucking need a wok!  I finally got tired of arguing with him and tell him to just go get something himself.  He brings back the exact same pan that I’d picked out, but much smaller.  I’m so freaking tired of arguing, so all I could say was “whatever.”  He ended up putting them back.  Holy shit.  EVERYthing was an argument.  Well, everything except one:  I wanted a mirror for over the fireplace.  A BIG mirror.  In the catalog, they had a few that were $50, but they only showed the corner of them, so who knew what they looked like?  We get there and the $50’s a little too small and the dimensions look off for the fireplace.  But they’ve got an $80 that’s PERFECT.  He didn’t blink about it.  Even had the suggestion that we look at all the artwork stuff (HUMONGOUS canvases for $50!) to make sure there was nothing I liked better.  There were some cool ones, but it was B&W photography that wouldn’t really go well in the family room.  The moral of the story:  I should have left him at home.


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