Posted by: wildflowerz | August 12, 2010

There was a time you let me know what’s really going on below, but now you never show it to me, do you?

Hi guys.  I’m still here.  Not a whole bunch going on.  Today I’ve got a meeting at Em’s school with her teacher for all the mom’s to volunteer.  Not sure what I’ll be doing, but I don’t have a job, so I should help out, yes?  I’m nervous though.  I hate this kind of stuff.  A group of people I don’t know at all?  Yikes!  Why’d I decide to do this again?

Saturday Chris is going to drive 2 hours to a surprise birthday party.  I’m staying home and watching Em since she isn’t invited.  Don’t really have any plans.  I hope to work out the decorations for Em’s room.  I’ve gotten a few things, but I’m not feeling them all together.  I have 4 frames for lithographs.  Right now, I’m using 3 for Lilo & Stitch pictures and one’s in our family room with a picture of Em.  I was thinking of doing 4 of Em’s favorites of the lithographs and hanging them.  I’m also got some big letters that spell out Emily.  I’m working on painting those this week.  I also got 6 small wooden picture frames.  I’m painting those solid colors and then Em’s going to go all artsy on them.  I also have these cute little “metal” flowers of varying size I got at Target.  There are 21 of them.  I can’t think of a way to pull all that together.  In addition to that, Em would like a Harry Potter poster in her room.  They’ve got some really cheap at Amazon, so I’m thinking of maybe 2 small ones for the little alcove where Em’s computer is.  I ALSO want to get a bulletin board for her, but, still, no idea where I’m going to put all this and arrange it so it’s cute.

I framed up the 3 b&ws I got a few weeks ago from  They look really good, I think.  I hung one of them ’cause I already had a pic there to take down.  I’m going to put the other two on either side, so I need to hang those too.  I also have 8 Emily pictures to hang.

Next weekend, Em’s got a pool party for one of the little girl’s in our neighborhood that she became friends with at the pool this summer.  This is one of the nice ones.  A tiny bit bossy (but what girl isn’t at this age), but she’s never been ugly at all to Em and they play very nicely together.  She just started kindergarten this year.  That night we’re doing a Geeky Girl’s Night Out (GGNO).  We’re doing yummy Mexi food and Inception.  Yes, I’ve already seen Inception, but I surprised myself by really liking it and actually wanna see it again. 🙂  Yay!

Dragon*Con’s a few weeks after that.  When the schedule comes out, I’m sure I’ll be talking more about that, so nothing much today. 😛  Then Em starts soccer around the second week in September, but I haven’t heard anything from them.  We did buy her soccer ball and shin guards this week.  So cute!


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