Posted by: wildflowerz | August 15, 2010

Fetch me my jimmy choo flip flops. Where is my pink prada tote? I need my tiffany hair band and then I can go for a float.

Woohoo!  Disney FINALLY got their 2011 prices out.  I can’t believe it took so freakin’ long!  I was getting antsy.  You can make dining reservations 6 months in advance, but you have to have a room reservation to make a dining reservation and you can’t make a room reservation without the rates.  Even in January, those restaurants fill up FAST.  So, I emailed our TA yesterday and we’re all set!  We’re going Em’s birthday/MLK week.  We’re staying at the Pop Century (the newest value resort).  Here’s our trip plan:

  • Sunday:  Character Breakfast at Ohana (Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, Pluto), Visiting Epcot for the day, Dinner at Rose & Crown in England at Epcot
  • Monday:  Visiting Magic Kingdom for the day, Dinner at Teppan Edo in Japan at Epcot
  • Tuesday:  Universal Day!  Harry Potter, here we come!
  • Wednesday:  Visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Dinner at Mama Melrose’s at DHS
  • Thursday:  Visiting Animal Kingdom, Dinner at Les Chefs de France in France at Epcot
  • Friday:  Em’s birthday!  Character Breakfast at Akershus in Norway at Epcot (Princesses), Em’s choice on which park, Dinner at Le Cellier in Canada at Epcot

Yay!  Most of our dinner ADRs are between 5 and 6.  We’re having to do Le Cellier at 4:30 because it’s Le Cellier and we were lucky to get that, especially since we couldn’t make them right at the 6 month mark.  Our TA said we were lucky with Le Cellier in another way too…evidently, in March, Le Cellier’s going to be a 2 dining credit restaurant, so we’re getting in just in time.  We’d actually changed our original plan from Jiko to Mama Melrose’s to maximize our credits because Jiko’s a 2 credit place too.  Anyway, this was mostly how I’d planned it.  I had to switch the Ohana breakfast and the Akershus breakfast and had to switch Ohana dinner with Teppan Edo.  For some reason Ohana’s crazy right now.  There were no available dinner spots at Ohana and Monday was the only breakfast we could get.  Still, not bad.  Teppan Edo’s evidently just hibatchi, so I probably wouldn’t have picked it on my own, but it’s fine.  If I had to fill in somewhere else, I’d want to make it at Magic Kingdom since that’s the park we’ll be at that day, but there’s no where there I really want to eat.  Since I’ve only been to Disney once, Les Chefs de France is the only one of those restaurants I’ve been to before.  When we went before, none of the other restaurants made much of an impression except for the Persian place.  However, I doubt Em would like that, so we’ll try and do the Persian counter service on our Epcot day.

I’m so excited!  We’re still keeping it a secret from Em.  I hope we can keep it that way ’cause how awesome would it be to make Em up on Saturday and tell her to get up ’cause we’re going to Disney!  Yay!

So since we’ll be at Disney during her birthday, we’ll have her birthday party the weekend after.  But since we’re doing a BIG birthday this year, the party’s going to be small.  Well, it’ll not be a whole class party like last year.


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