Posted by: wildflowerz | August 21, 2010

Alison, I know this world is killing you. Oh, Alison, my aim is true.

Huh.  So, Em’s into those tween shows:  Wizards of Wavery Place, Zach & Cody, Hannah Montana…  Well, she’s caught up on those 3, so I looked around and found that the xBox/Netflix had Sonny With a Chance and Jonas Brothers available for instant viewing too, so I added those to my Instant Queue for Em to try.  I’ll admit that I actually kinda like Wizards.  And I don’t hate Zach & Cody or Hannah Montana.  Sonny, so far?  It’s not good.  But it’s not HORRIBLE.  So, now we’re trying Jonas Brothers.  Um, how is this popular?  The acting by EVERY character is horrible.  Also, where’s the laugh track?  There are spots where there are jokes  (however awful and lame they are) but there’s just silence.  There’s even pauses for the laugh track, but there’s noting there.  The entire show felt weird and awkward.  I don’t recommend it at all.

Speaking of Emily, though, my little hoodlum had to be sent to the vice principal’s office yesterday.  Thursday, she came home grumpy, saying that the new boy in her class kicked her five times.  Last year, she’d come home quite a bit saying that she got in trouble for something that a lot of kids were doing, but she’s the only one that got in trouble or some kid hit or kicked her but didn’t get in trouble, etc.  So, I asked her if this kid got in trouble.  She said yes.  She was uber grumpy, so I left her alone for a bit and admit I just forgot about it.  Well, yesterday we get a call from school.  Evidently that incident happened at the end of the day, so nothing happened until today.  What actually happened was that the boy was getting in and out of line and that was annoying Emily (she told me last night when she came home that he actually cut in line in front of her) and so she hit him with her lunch bag.  He then kicked her.  Five times.  So, they both got sent to the vice principal’s office.  /sigh  My little dictator.  I guess someone’s gotta keep those kids in line.

In other Emily news, I pulled out one of her teeth yesterday.  She keeps loose teeth FOREVER.  When I  was a kid and losing them, I worried those things until they came out.  She seems unconcerned.  So, now she’s lost her bottom 4 teeth.  But the middle two adult ones have grown in, so she’s got gaps on either side.  Her top two chompers are really loose too.  So much that they now stick out at about a 45 degree angle.  I hope those come out soon.  They’re looking a bit silly.  🙂  Plus one had a chip in it from where she fell on the steps at my grandparents house a few years ago.

We have that pool party to do today at 11, but I’m  not sure how that’s going to go.  It’s overcast right now and it rained all last nice (LOVELY rain that was awesome to sleep to).  I just looked at the forecast and it now says it’s just supposed to be cloudy until around 2pm when it’s supposed to storm again.  Fingers crossed that the party can go on and it will stay that way.


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