Posted by: wildflowerz | August 23, 2010

End of the pier, end of the bay. You tug my arm and say “Give in to lust, give up to lust. Oh heaven knows we’ll soon be dust …”

Being Healthy Week 18 Results:

Weight loss: 0.2lbs (22.8lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 62/70
Steps Walked: 71,865
Calorie Deficit: 7535

Well, a loss is a loss, right?  😛  After 18 weeks of tracking this stuff, I can tell that there’s no direct correlation between my calorie deficit and weight loss.  So, either FitBit’s calculating the wrong burn rate or I’m underestimating my consumption in an erratic way.  All I can really do is try and be more accurate with recording my food.  That’s hard a lot of times with restaurant food that’s not a chain or is one that the nutrition information isn’t really available.  I’ve let prefab crap creep back in my diet as well as some desserty stuff.  I’m not drinking as many protein shakes either.  That’s mostly because they take so freaking long to make I get tired of doing them.  I guess.  I don’t know.  I still have problems with lunch, especially getting veg in there.  The easiest thing is to do a side salad, but while I like salad okay, I REALLY don’t want it every day.  I can make veg that are tasty, but it usually requires lots of time that I’m unwilling to do just for myself.  I try and make extra for dinner, but the easy portioned stuff usually makes just enough for us for dinner.  I’ve gotten in a rut with dinners too.

Exercise has been okay.  The EA Sports Active is generally awesome.  Usually makes me sweat a bunch and pushes me just enough to be challenging.  However, it’s got quite a few things that require jumping and I’m pretty sure that’s just too much for my knees.  I can do the jogging just fine, it’s the jumping is just too high impact for my right knee.  Probably once I’ve gotten more weight off, I can handle a higher impact, but for now, not so much.  Anyway, in EA, you can turn off certain exercises, but you can’t permanently turn them off.  So, you have to remember them each time and most of them don’t have “jump” in the exercise name, so I have to try and remember which ones to switch off every time.  The other downside is that the workouts are only between 21 and 26 minutes long.  So, not nearly long enough.  Also, the EA requires a rest day after 2 workout days.  So, after my EA workouts I’ve been doing a 30-45 minute workout with another dvd, but that still puts me at way less time per day than I had before.  But the EA workout’s definitely better quality than the Walk It Out was.  So, I don’t know.

In other news, Chris went out to mow yesterday and somehow convinced Em that she wanted to weed.  Don’t ask me, she likes it.  So, I had to go out with her and decided to try and get some weeds pulled too.  It’s was horribly muggy and hot…exactly why I can’t do outside.  Anyway, I pulled the stuff in the front yard, took off my gloves, and grabbed the trimmers to snip off some odd branches on the trees out front.  Except something bit me.  My left middle finger.  It hurt like hell.  I pushed through and was cutting some more off, using the other hand.  Got another bite.  I made Em come inside with me and I took a shower.  Of course, we didn’t have any benedryl or anything, so I took Em with me to Walgreen’s to try and get something I could take.  They had NOTHING for bug bites.  I ended up getting regular benedryl.  They didn’t even have any non-drowsy benedryl.  So, after lunch, I slept for quite a while.  Chris woke me up for dinner and I was up until 10:30, but had NO problem sleeping last night.

Saturday day Em had a birthday party at the pool.  The weather cleared up just for it and it was a nice day.  It was hot, but still pretty good.  There were TONS of kids there.  Em played with the birthday girl for the first half of the party and with one of her other friends in the neighborhood for the second.  She had a wonderful time!  We were there for ages, but they didn’t do the birthday gift opening.  Some people like to just do that later so the kids don’t have to sit through it I guess.  I rather like seeing the gift opening.  Oh well!  Em had a great time!

Saturday evening I met a few friends at a yum Mexican place and we did dinner and then went to see Inception (again, for me).  I liked it just as much the second time.  I like seeing movies in the theatre, but I’m not a fan of the seats.  My back gives me such problems that it’s hard to sit still for that long.  I was a little surprised at how packed the theatre was.  It was a bit stuffy and warm in there, I think because there were so many people.

Em’s got her first soccer practice tonight and tomorrow night we’ve got curriculum night at her school.  Not sure if it will be Chris or I that goes.  I don’t think we have anything else coming up.  I’m still (not so) patiently waiting for the Dragon*Con schedule to come out.  That’s about it for me. 🙂

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