Posted by: wildflowerz | August 28, 2010

Here we are again. I feel the chemicals kickin’ in. It’s gettin’ heavier. I wanna run and hide. I wanna run and hide.

Went to Em’s school yesterday to help out her teacher with copying and such.  Easy peasy.  I actually enjoyed doing it too!  All I really had to do was a bunch of copies and taking some pages out of workbooks for them to do next week.  I also had to re-arrange the helpers.  Her teacher has this big thing on the wall behind the desk with different jobs.  Things like Teacher’s Helper, Line Leader, Library Books, etc.  There are 8-9 jobs and they rotate through the kids.  When I started doing it, she specifically asked for Em to be the Teacher’s Helper ’cause she needed someone more responsible for that one.  😀  Awesome!

Since she wants to work on getting 100 points for her AR tests, I sat down and did some calculating on Thursday.  I figured out how many school days she’ll be in school each month and figured out a percentage of book/points she needs to read/earn each month.  August doesn’t work too well since they started later in the month, but it’s very doable.  She’s excited.  They have to read the book twice before they take the test and because of that, it’s harder to do the longer books.  Things like Junie B. are worth more points because they’re longer.  Junie B. is 1 whole point instead of 1/2 a point like most of the other ones she reads.  But it’s well within her expected reading levels.  So, she’s going to try and read a Junie B twice on the weekends so she can take the test on Monday and maximize her points.  She doesn’t really NEED to do that, but she wants to.  There are 160-something days that she’s actually in school.  If she reads one 1/2 point book from home every day, that’s not many tests for in-class books she needs to read.  The teacher reads a few a day that they can take at school too.  So far, Em’s been taking the test for her at-home book and at least 1 more for the in-class book.  Sometimes 2.  If she keeps up with that, she’ll hit her goal in no time.  I’m so proud of her. /beam

We’ve got a play date at the pool today.  It’s with a friend I used to work with and her family.  I haven’t seen her in AGES and AGES.  She’s got two kids:  a boy who’s a year-ish younger than Emily and a little girl who’s younger…Maybe 2?  Anyway, those are our plans for today.  Tomorrow, I’m getting Chris to finally hang up the wiggly mirrors and the white board in Em’s room.  Then, I’ll just need to hang up the flower thingys that I still can’t decide where they should go.  Maybe then I’ll post some pics?  Monday Em’s got soccer practice.  She’s so excited!  She told me the other day that she wishes she had soccer practice EVERY day!  I really hope she keeps liking it.  I’d love for her to be into a sport.  And, she’s just too cute out there with her big soccer socks and bulky shin guards underneath!  Hehe. 🙂  Anyway, we’ve got a play date on Wednesday with a girl that Em rides the bus with.  They’re pretty good friends and are always giggling and whispering at the bus stop.  The girl and her family seem REALLY nice too, which is always a plus. 🙂  Thursday Chris is going to pick up our Dragon*Con badges.  Friday morning, Em’s a STAR student.  No idea how she became a STAR student, but it means she’s got to be at school early and she gets to be on their tv station and say the Pledge of Allegiance.    My parents are coming for Grandparents Lunch with her at school and then they’re meeting her at the bus stop and taking her home with them for the weekend.  Chris and I are doing Dragon*Con that weekend.

Speaking of Dragon*Con, where the frak is the schedule?  They’re so inconsistent!  It used to be out a solid 2 weeks before Con.  Then, they were down to less than a week.  Last year, it was out over 2 weeks before Con.  This year, we’re 5 days until Con and there’s no sign of the schedule.  Don’t they know us uber-planning girls NEED the schedule??  Part of my fun of D*C is in the planning!  Jeez people!  I got so desperate that I went to all the track websites and started trying to make my own schedule.  Except that half of them won’t actually POST their schedule until D*C finalizes it.  Which, evidently, means that it won’t be there until the official one is released to the public.  So, what good is it to post it on your website then?  Gah!


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