Posted by: wildflowerz | September 8, 2010

It was great when it all began. I was a regular Frankie fan.

Oh my.  I think I’m sick.  Yesterday, I couldn’t make myself exercise.  I did drag out a pilates book and try a few exercises, but I could care less about doing it at that time, so it just wasn’t happening.  Last night, I went to bed to read and just after 10, I started feeling just awful.  My stomach was killing me.  So, I turned off the light to go to sleep.  I slept decently and felt okay when I got up this morning.  I did all the normal morning stuff and when I got back from the bus stop, I made my breakfast and sat down.  I ate the toast part and started feeling nauseous.  This isn’t unusual, though.  I take a multivitamin that makes me a bit nauseous, especially if you don’t eat with it.  Usually, it passes pretty quickly.  This morning….not so much.  I was sick.  So the rest of my breakfast is sitting here and I’m scared to eat it, even though I do feel a bit better.  I’m not sure if it was just a passing thing or what.  /shudder

I had a few things I meant to mention about Dragon*Con that I forgot in my long ass post from yesterday.  One thing is about the Trek Track.  We all know that they kicked out the old director who’d been doing it for ages.  I don’t have much of a feeling about that.  I’ve only gotten into Trek just over a year ago, so I’d only seen two panels with the old director (Shatner/Nimoy and Patrick Stewart).  My impression just from those two panels was that he was a bit of a showoff.  He had someone introduce him.  No, really.  You’re just the track director.  No one cares how long you’ve been into Trek.  I’d heard that he made some inappropriate comments to Jonathan Frakes about being a bear and I’d also heard that he’s not that great to his staffers.  Of course, that could or could not be true.  Just what I heard.  So I had no problem with him being replaced, though it sounds like D*C did it in a shitty way.  So, to replace him, they got Garrett Wang.  I haven’t made it to Voyager yet, but evidently Wang was on Voyager.  My first thought was that it could be good.  As the year went by and there were no updates from the track, it became more and more likely that the speculation that probably Wang was just “the track director” and not actually doing any of the work seemed more and more likely.  Then, we get to Dragon*Con.  I only made it to one panel, though I meant to get to more.  Wang was listed as a guest on the panel, but it’s not unheard of for them to do it like that.  He was supposed to be moderating, but usually that means that the moderator does something other than stand there and act goofy.  Usually they ask questions.  He didn’t.  Then there’s the fact that he was supposed to be running the track, but he was sitting on the Walk of Fame.  Yeah, there’s no way he’s more than a figurehead.  Oh well.

Let’s see, what else?  This year, I wanted to have more hanging with friends time.  I did that.  I gave up most of my evening stuff and just hung out.  We went out to dinners more too.  I missed a few things I wanted to see because of the extreme lines.  Firefly was the first one.  I’m not sure what the deal is with Firefly fans, but they’re a rabid bunch.  They were lining up for the one panel with all 4 of the guests for hours and hours ahead of time.  There’s no one that I need to camp out in line for hours and hours to see.  No one.  But it’s frustrating that D*C planners KNOW how insane Firefly fans are and they still don’t plan for them in the biggest room?  The same happened with Jim Butcher.  They not only didn’t have him in a larger room of the con, they didn’t put them in the biggest room at the Hyatt.  I did find that most fans aren’t very enterprising, though.  For instance, the Adam Savage panel in the Hyatt big room was PACKED.  But when he appeared on the Raising Skeptical Geeks panel in a small ballroom of the Sheraton, there was plenty of room.  And while the Jim Butcher line wrapped around the block of the Hyatt, when he was back in a MUUUCH bigger room in the Hyatt with Laurell K, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and several others, the room was barely 1/3 full.  But, his name wasn’t in the title of the panel, so I guess no one realized.  And since we’re speaking of Jim Butcher, he’s much cuter with short hair.  IMHO, of course.  I’ve never been much of a fan of long hair on guys.

Anyway, the Con was a bit disappointing, not being able to see all the people I wanted to.  And the crowds always bug the hell outta me.  I mean, I like seeing all the costumes, but it makes me want to scream to have to stop every 5 steps and wait for someone to take a picture.  Drives me nuts!  The people that just saunter around like they don’t have a limited amount of time to get from one panel to another.  Also drives me nuts.  I usually ended up coming out of the Hyatt and I thought that going out of the Hyatt and traveling by street would be faster than doing the tunnels, but it turns out that it takes SO long tog et down the steps of the Hyatt that it negates any time savings from walking on the streets.  So, I later just navigated through the tunnels.  Food is always a problem, too.  The lines are horrid.  This year, we found that when we ate at nicer restaurants, they were empty!  We did Sear the first night and it was barely half full!  The service was still insanely slow, though.  I didn’t eat at Pacific Rim the next night, but I know they had NO problem getting a reservation.  Then, Durango the last night, obviously they didn’t have a problem getting a table.  It was pretty crowded there, but we had no problem getting a table.  /shrug

Oh well.  There are always positives and negatives, right?


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