Posted by: wildflowerz | September 14, 2010

Can anybody hear me? I guess I keep talkin to myself. It feels like I’m going insane. Am I the one who’s crazy?

Do you ever get in those time periods when it seems like stuff just keeps going wrong?  I think I’m in one of those right now.  After all the other post-D*C junk that keeps coming up, I was pretty stoked to get back on track with the exercising.  I took it a bit easy yesterday, but did EA and a short cardio workout.  I was looking forward to doing much more today.  But I woke up with this awful pain in my neck and upper back.  It hurts just sitting still.  I’m going to give it a little while longer and then I’m going to give cardio a shot.  I’m pretty sure I can get through that, but I’m not sure I can get though EA.  I’ll see how I feel after the cardio though.

I desperately need to get out there and trim up our way out of control bushes.  Our lawn needs mowing too.  Have I mentioned how much I detest yard work?  Sadly, Chris feels the same as I do, so I can’t even foist it off on him!  🙂

Em’s doing SO WELL with her AR reading at school.  She’s up to 18.3 points!  That’s only 3.7 from where her teacher wants the kids to be at the end of the year!  She’s plugging away, working on getting to that 100 points.

Soccer’s going okay.  She had a practice last night.  They were practicing bouncing the ball on their knees and head and she got REALLY discouraged.  I wasn’t sure why they were even practicing this…it hardly seems important to be able to do that now, though what do I know about soccer?  More importantly, though, she tries it a few times and gets very irritated that she can’t do it.  So she cries and whines.  Part of me wants to think that it’s just an age thing, but I don’t see any of the other girls on her team doing this.  And Em does it a LOT. Not just with soccer, but with a lot of things.  It drives me NUTS.



  1. I totally get those times. And I, too, have a daughter who gets frustrated when things don’t go right the first (or at least fifth) time.

    I am kinda the same way, but I am trying to fix it in myself (maybe too late!) and in her before she gets much older! I think it is a combination of impatience and the fact that she USUALLY does things well, pretty fast. In other words, they (we) aren’t really used to STRUGGLING to learn something new, and the impatience thing makes us, well, impatient. 🙂

    For plain old psychological health, though, I am planning to make my kids do things that they don’t do well and try to get them to enjoy it – soccer is a good example. If she isn’t the A #1 soccer player on the team, that’s OK – it can still be fun and you can tell her how proud you are of her for TRYING and not whining. (And if she IS the A #1, you should probably keep hunting for an activity where she enjoys herself but isnt a superstar for a change. I am convinced it is pretty critical to having both persistence and good self esteem. 🙂 Just my 2 cents! 🙂

  2. I’ve definitely been thinking a lot of it’s impatience. And since that’s a bad habit I have myself, I REALLY have no idea how to fix it. /lol

    I keep trying to reinforce to her that this is the FIRST TIME EVER she’s played soccer. And that a lot of the other girls have been playing for a while (even at 6, oddly). She’s not going to get it right the first time and she needs to keep practicing and having fun! Overall, she’s pretty happy with soccer and I’m very happy with that. She’s never done too much physical, sporty type things and I wanted to get her into this last year, but Chris was being a PITA and I couldn’t. The stuff I did as a young kid wasn’t terribly physcial: ballet and tap. So, I hope Em loves soccer. I could care less if she’s any good, as long as she enjoys it!

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