Posted by: wildflowerz | September 17, 2010

Two birds of a feather say that they’re always gonna stay together. But one’s never going to let go of that wire. He says that he will but he’s just a liar.

My van’s check engine light has been going on and off for a while now, but I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed.  I know, I know.  Also, the radio doesn’t work, the passenger window won’t roll up and down, and the sliding door’s locks only rarely engage.  Yeah.  The plus side is that we totally own it now.  Yeah.  We took it this morning to be fixed.  The radio’s just a fuse.  The window’s something getting stuck.  I can’t remember what the door problem is, but it’s more expensive than we want to fix now.  So, to fix the other stuff, we give them $600ish and it’s all good.  Jeez.  Luckily Chris says he’s getting a bonus next week and we don’t have one of our car payments any more, so there’s that.

Em’s up to 23 points for her AR tests.  22 was where the teacher wanted them to be by the end of the YEAR.  So, to celebrate, this weekend, we’re going to the used book store and get as many of the Junie B’s as we can to complete her set.  This is where we see our difference between Chris and I.  I thought that books that she wanted would be a good gift for completing the school reading goal.  Chris thinks she needs something just fun.  So, I think we’re gonna do both.  Plus, there’s always a decent Halloween store on 92 near-ish to the book store, so we’ll probably get Em her costume.  Right now, she wants to be Jessie from Toy Story 2.  🙂

My mom’s coming to pick up Em on Monday and take her back home with her.  She’s bringing her back or I’m going to go get her on Thursday.  I think Chris and I are going to go see Scott Pilgrim on Monday evening.  I hope to go see some movies on my own too.  Finally Em’s going to be gone and there’s a ton of movies I want to see.  Well, a ton compared to usual when there’s nothing.  I’d like to see Easy A, Never Let Me Go, Scott Pilgrim, and maybe even The Town.

I tried to mow the lawn this morning.  As usual, I screwed up the mower.  I’d pulled these weeds from these bushes on the side of the house and just left them on the lawn, thinking I could mow over them.  (C’mon people, you know I’m lazy!)  Well, that turns out to be a dumb idea.  (Who knew?)  They wrapped around the front wheel axle.  (Is that what it’s called?)  Now the auto wheel thingy won’t engage.  For a while, the front right wheel wouldn’t move unless the auto thing was on, so it’s impossible to push.  I tried cutting the weeds out and it was gross (wet grass and grease) and I couldn’t get most of it out.  So I’ve left it in the basement to dry and for Chris to look at later.  /sigh  Not only do I hate yard work, but evidently I suck at it.  Hard.

I’ve been watching some movies lately since I’m not trying to watch Star Trek all the time.  I just watched Group Sex.  It’s Greg Grunberg’s (Matt Parkman from Heroes) newest.  He’s a supporting character and I think he wrote it and did a bunch of other stuff too.  It’s also got Tom Arnold and Henry Winkler and a few other people you’d recognize.  Yesterday I watched Wet Hot American Summer (Janene Garafalo, Paul Rudd).  Very funny.  I’ve also seen Peacock (Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page), Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (Anna Farris and the guy from The IT Crowd), I Love You Phillip Morris (Jim Carey, Ewan McGregor), The Runaways (Dakota Fanning), and The Secret of Moonacre (bears not much resemblance to lovely book The Little White Horse).  I tried to go back and watch some classic zombie flicks too…Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, but they weren’t working for me.  I’ve got some more on my queue too, but we’ll see.


  1. I do stuff like that all the time with tools/machines. Makes DH crazy. 🙂 It seems pointless, until, well, you see that it wasn’t. 🙂

    Cool about the weekend plans and gratz to Emily!! Any interest in company for any of those outings, since I think they will be over our way??

    • We could do that. I think we’re planning on Bookmiser, Target, and a Halloween store. Last year it was near the Chic Fil A…maybe between Trader Joe’s and Bookmiser? I’m horrible with placing exactly where something is. Anyway, Em’s got a soccer game tomorrow morning and then we’re going to do lunch. Other than that, we don’t have any plans, so we could meet up later in the day or on Sunday. We need to do some yard work (blech) Sunday morning, but we’re free the rest of the day. Lmk!

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