Posted by: wildflowerz | September 19, 2010

I’m off to see the doctor. I hope she has a cure. I hope she makes me better. What does that even mean? We don’t know.

Have I mentioned that I hate yard work?  It seems like I have, but I’m  not sure…

After Chris finally got his butt downstairs this morning, I went out and mowed the lawn.  He fixed the mower last night.  Now he’s outside doing cleanup from where I trimmed bushes on Thursday as well as chopping down some of the stuff I couldn’t reach.  As well as cutting down these two tree-like weeds in the front with a reciprocating saw.  No, really.  Em’s at the neighbor’s house playing in the sandbox. 🙂

The soccer game went well yesterday.  It was much closer than the week before.  Em’s team was either winning or tied the whole time and came out on top winning 4-3 in the end.  Go team!  The other team had this REALLY obnoxious redneck mom yelling her head off the entire time.  It was tres irritating.  On Em’s team, the moms and dads are pretty low key.  We’ll cheer for them, of course.  We’ll offer “good job”s or “nice try”s to everyone.  This lady was yelling for her kid, telling her to “take them down” and all sorts of stuff.  All in this really loud, smoker’s voice.  Jeez!  Her game was at 10:30am, which is definitely the primo time for games.  It was still breezy and there’s a BIG tree that casts a BIG shadow at the end of the field she’s playing on.  Perfect!

Afterwards, we drove about 45min to a J. Christophers nearer a friends to have lunch with them.  We got there faster than we thought we would and Em was STARVING (in that way 6yos always are when there’s food around that they want to eat) so we ordered her food and she’d almost finished by the time everyone else got there.  Afterwards, we went to a Halloween store to try on costumes.  Previously, Em had wanted to be Jessie.  We picked up a Jessie, a Hermoine, an Alice in Wonderland, and a Princess Peach.  I picked medium in them all ’cause Em likes to dress up and that way she can fit in them longer.  She liked Peach the best, but it was too big and didn’t have any kind of tie to make it tighter.  Of course, they didn’t have a small.  So, we ended up getting a medium Alice that ties in the back.  It’s super cute.  Let me see if I can find a pic…

Cute, huh?  She had some mary janes that would go perfectly, but they’re too small.  Luckily, little leather MJs go well with a lot of things, so it’s no problem to get her some more.  If I can find some black and white striped tights, i’ll get her those, otherwise, white’s good.  The headband came with it, but she has a black headband anyway, so it all works.

After that, we went to our friends house and let the Littles play for a bit.  After that, it was off to the used book store.  This is Jenn Heaven.  I ended up getting 2 AJ Hartleys, a Shannon Butcher, and that copy of Fight Club I’d been looking for.  Chris got something or other.  Em got a ton of Junie Bs, a Halloween book, and a Horrible Harry book.  We headed back and did Chic Fil A for dinner.

Today, after we’re all cleaned up and stuff, we’ll probably do lunch somewhere and then head up to Dicks and Target.  Dicks for some better shinguards for Em, as well as a snazzy soccer ball.  Target for the surprise toy thing for Em, some black MJs, and some tights and such.  Yay shopping!



  1. oooh, I wanna borrow the Shannon Butcher and AJH when you are done! 🙂 Hopefully by then I will have read the AJH from D*Con and we can trade!

    It was fun to see y’all yesterday. I can’t help but wonder, why does it never take ME less time to get somewhere than expected? 🙂 (DO NOT ANSWER THAT, I am just kidding. 🙂 )

  2. Heh, the Shannon Butcher’s the 2nd of her series, but it was all they had. The back doesn’t read like it will matter, but I’ll probably hold off on reading it for a while to see if I can grab the first one. The AJ Hartleys, I just got what they had…let me look up the titles… On the Fifth Day and The Mask of Atreus.

    It’s was good to see y’all yesterday too! And I won’t answer that other question. XD

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