Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2010

Well didn’t I think you would always love me? And didn’t I want you to take care of me baby? Well that ain’t happenin’.

Hrm.  I’m not sure what the deal is, but my knees are killing me today. 😦  Yesterday was an off day for me for EA Sports Active.  My mom was bringing Em back at “lunchtime” which could mean any time between 10 and 1, so I had to get my stuff done in the morning.  So, I did a short exercise dvd, Walk N Jog, and then did some weed-eating.  I’ve done jogging in EA almost every day, as well as doing it frequently with Debbie Rocker dvds and even this one before with no ill result, so it’s not that.  It’s not like it’s really heavy impact either.  And the weed-eating, while very sweat-inducing, wasn’t high impact at all, so there should be no problem with that.  I felt fine until I started exercising this morning.  Em’s still home from school for the week, so I did a short Leslie Sansone (Walk Off Even More Weight) first.  My knees hurt a tiny but, but nothing I couldn’t get through pretty easily.  Since yesterday was an off day for EA, I was due to do that again today.  That one was tougher because there’s a lot of lunges in that.  While lunges on their own aren’t too bad on my knees, when they’re already hurting, the lunges are a bit painful.  So, I’m unsure of what caused it this time so I can avoid it, the only thing I can do is keep going until they feel better.  I’ve noticed that if I lay off the exercise or if I just keep going, it takes about the same amount of time for them to feel better, so I might as well exercise through it.  I will lay off the jogging stuff until they feel better and just do some walking dvds or actual walking.  /shrug

So, no sugar or caffeine.  Going okay today.  I had a Luna bar yesterday, but that was my last one.  So there’s not really anything in the house that’s a problem food now, so if I can get through this weekend and grocery shopping on Monday, I should be doing reasonably well.  I was super hungry yesterday evening and ended up going over my general goal of 1500 calories a day and/or burning 1000 more calories than I eat.  But that’s okay.  If I can get this sugar thing under control, the rest of it should be easier to deal with.  One problem at a time, yes?

I have something else embarrassing to confess.  It’s not like yesterdays and a lot of people wouldn’t even consider it embarrassing, but I do, a little.  I’m writing a fanfic.  Yeah, I know.  I don’t even read them but rarely.  And I’m not a good writer (as evidenced here in this blog).  But  I just felt like doing it and thought I’d give it a shot.  I’m not going to tell you what it’s about and it’s never going to be for public reading by anyone.  It’s not good.  The writing isn’t great and the story is going nowhere, but I don’t really care.  So, yeah.  There’s that.  🙂

Em came home yesterday.  Her poor tooth was barely hanging on.  It was sticking straight out so much that when her mouth was closed, you could see it between her lips!  So, I asked her is she wanted me to pull it out.  She said yes.  So, I did.  She’s SO stinking cute with both her teeth missing.  I’m actually glad she got them both out because next Thursday is picture day!  /giggle

Today, Em and I are watching movies.  We’re watching Harry Potter.  Again.  Can I admit that I want to watch them just as much as Em does?  In fact, I suggested it.  We’re starting with Sorcerer’s Stone and going to watch them all.  Well, at least until Em gets tired of that!

I finally used up all my credit at the used book store.  Luckily I have a huge stack of books to be read that I’m probably not going to keep.  So, I need to get started on those.  I’m reading the Pretty Little Liars book I just got at Borders the other day.  I was going to donate it to the library, but I really need to credit now at the used book store, so I’ll do that instead.  I’ve got the last one on hold and I really want to know how it ends!  I also finished The Curse of Chalion by Bujold.  LOVED it!  I’m very excited to pick up the second one in that series because it’s the one she’s won all sorts of awards for, so it must be good, right?

Em and I went to Target yesterday after having lunch with my mom and her friend at Olive Garden.  We found a Fancy Nancy diary with a lock in the dollar bin.  She’s been writing in it every since and it’s too cute.  We also got her this sand art kit that she did this morning.

We don’t have a whole lot planned for the weekend.  No soccer game since school’s out.  There’s a festival going on up at the park where her games are that we’ve been to a few times, so we’ll probably go to that.  It’s a bunch of crafty stuff and some bouncy things that Em likes to jump on.  Next Friday I’ve got copy mom duties at Em’s school.  Nothing much else going on this week.

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