Posted by: wildflowerz | September 26, 2010

And I can’t get you outta my head. How in the world will I begin to let you walk right out my life and blow my heart away.

But it was going so well!

No sugar at all Friday.  No caffeine either.  I was feeling pretty proud.  Didn’t crave too badly either.  Of course, I had Em and Chris with me all day, but yeah.  So, Saturday we have Mexican for lunch and then head to this local festival.  See, lunch before we go so we don’t get fried fair food!  We look at the crafty stuff and Em’s hungry by the time we get to the food and kid’s stuff.  I look around, see a smoothie place and decide to get one.  I’ve down 2/3 of it before I remember that I’m an idiot.  /sigh  Maybe because I do smoothies at home all the time, it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind that these would have sugar in them?  I don’t know, but I screwed up.  However, it didn’t seem to set me off really.  I was pretty much okay the rest of the day.  Then, that evening when we got back from dinner, I had a godawful headache.  So, Diet Splenda Coke.  /sigh  Yeah.  Whatever, today’s a new day, yes?

My knees were MUCH better yesterday.  I just did a short walking workout.  Did I mention that I finally finished the 30 day challenge for the EA?  Well I did.  Now I get to experiment with doing my own thing in there.  That should be cool.  I went ahead and added the More Workouts and EA2 to my Amazon list, so maybe I’ll get those for Christmas.

I just made a giant mess in the kitchen.  I used these water bottles a friend recommended to drink water.  Every few days, I’ll having some Crystal Light in my water.  I LOVE the fruit punch one.  Well, the bottle I had, I’d gotten out of the dishwasher yesterday and used all day.  I filled it up once this morning with water and for my second bottle, I was doing the CL.  I put it in, closed the top and shook it.  And bright red water got EVERYwhere.  Including our table cloth.  That’s in the wash now, but I doubt it will come out.  I managed to get it off the counter and the floor.  My hands are bright red, though.  It won’t come off.  I guess I’ll have to wait for it to wear off.  Anyway, the water bottle has a bigger hole in the top to drink through.  Then, there’s a clear cap that flips forward to lock it so it won’t spill.  Above the hole, in the cap, there’s this rubber stopper so it fits tightly when it’s closed.  When the stopper isn’t in it, there’s a hole in the clear lid.  The stopper wasn’t there.  It was in the bottom of the dishwasher.  I didn’t notice until I shook the hell out of it.  Grr.

Not much planned today.  Friday and Saturday (and a tiny bit this morning) Em and I watched ALL the Harry Potter movies.  Really makes me want to re-read again.  I need to get on that.  I want to get through them all before the first of the last two movies comes out in November.  I’ve only read the last book once still.  It shouldn’t take long to get through them.  I was working last time I read them and I still managed to get through them in less than 2 weeks.  It’s just finding some time to read them all back to back.  My library hold list has gotten much smaller, but there are 5 books there and none of them have that long of a wait for them.  We’ll see.  It comes out on the 19th, so at the very latest, I want to start them by the beginning of November.

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