Posted by: wildflowerz | October 4, 2010

They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies, you little spies

Being Healthy Week 23 Results:

Weight gain: 0.8lbs (26.0lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 63/70
Steps Walked: 71,287
Calorie Deficit:  6668

Well.  I’m at a loss.  I got some motivation back and now I’ve got a gain that I’ve no idea where it came from.  I’ve stayed away from sugar this week and it was effing HARD.  I did a crappy job of staying away from caffeine.  I only did 4 EA workouts, but I did other exercise every single day.  I’m not really sore or anything, so I doubt I’m really retaining any water for that.  My period’s no where near, so it’s not that.  I did have a couple of questionable meals this weekend, so possibly that’s it?   Blah.

So, for sugar.  We eat at Wendy’s every Friday night.  Our family thing is Friday night Wendy’s and Mythbusters.  If Em has a slushie at school on Friday, she doesn’t get more dessert that evening.  (Friday’s are slushy days at school.)  So, we’d gotten that little key fob thingy where you get a free teeny Frosty with each purchase until the end of the year.  Chris got one of the teeny Frostys.  Why?  No clue.  So, that’s sitting in the freezer with no one to eat it.  Of course, Chris got his own Frosty and ate it.  But whatever.  Didn’t bother me too much.  So on Saturday, Em had a soccer game and Chris suggested ice cream afterwards.  You’re killing me here!  I managed to avoid that by making Chris take me home before he took her out.  So, when they get home, they go up to the neighbors house.  It was the little girl’s birthday, but Em couldn’t go to the party because of her soccer game.  They came home with three effing slices of birthday cake!!  What the HELL?!  Grr.  I’ve had an awful time with sugar and I’m just having some success at gettign off of it when I get a barrage of the crap from my freakin’ husband!  I told Chris about what he was doing and his solution is to declare resolutely that the cake wasn’t mine.  Like THAT’S gonna help!  Gah!  Still, I managed to avoid it all, so I’m feeling like a superstar as far as that goes.

As for the food, we went to Kayson’s for dinner on Saturday.  I hadn’t had a burger in AGES, and my food plan involves one higher cal thing a week as a kind of…well, I don’t like the word “cheat” but maybe “aberration.”  So, I had a burger, but forwent the fries and had chicken tortilla soup instead.  The soup was mediocre.  The burger was good, but SUPER greasy and reminded me of why I rarely get them.  Won’t make that mistake again.  Still, higher calorie thing once a week.  Well, the next day, Em wanted to go to Taco Mac at lunch and we hadn’t been there in ages, so we tried it.  They’ve got a good bit of  things on their menu that are marked “healthy.”  I picked one.  It was a turkey panini.  I got it with broccoli and everything.  It was buttery fried bread with spicy mustard, turkey, and a ton of cheese.  No idea how that was supposed to be healthy, but it’s not a mistake I’ll make again.  /shrug

Yeah.  So I’m not sure what the deal is this week…if it’s those two meals or what?  I’m trying not to let it affect my motivation, but it’s hard not to.  So, yeah.



  1. Could it be just the “rest of” the pre motivation stuff showing up? Last time you posted that your only suprise was that it was “only” whatever (.2? I can’t remember)… maybe the ‘hit” came later in the week from last time?

    Or could be the outside work out added some muscles!

    Or maybe it is just the salt from the Taco Mac making you retain water.

    Who even knows? You are avoiding the sugar, working on the caffeine, and these are major triumphs!

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