Posted by: wildflowerz | October 7, 2010

And then dance if you wanna dance. Please brother take a chance. You know they’re gonna go. Which way they wanna go.

Well, we’ve had an interesting morning.  Em’s bus never came.  Luckily, I’m a mom who stands with her and not just drops her off ’cause I wouldn’t want my 6yo walking back up the street by herself!  We waited and waited.  The high schoolers came to their bus stop.  The high school kids bus came and picked them up.  Finally we all gave up.  I took Em to school.  There was one bus stop on the way with two dads and a ton of kids.  They were still there waiting when we got back.  That’s 40 minutes late.  No idea if it ever came or not.  Weird.

Went clothes shopping for Em yesterday.  We did Old Navy first.  Got a few shirts, a sweater, a sweater dress, and a few leggings.  They didn’t have a whole lot of anything.  I did managed to get two pairs of shorts for next year for $.99 each and a cute tee shirt for $1.50, but mostly they had way too much clearance stuff and not enough fall clothes.  So, we went to Target.  Target had even less.  We got another pair of flannel sleep pants and another sweater dress.  They had almost all summer clothes that weren’t even on clearance.  Here’s what I don’t get:  They’ve got CHRISTMAS decorations up, but they still don’t have fall/winter clothes?  Wtf?  So I guess we’ll be going back later to get more stuff.

I also got some brown hair dye.  I let Em pick it out.  It’s pretty standard regular brown.  I’ll probably do it soon.  I still love red, but I don’t like how it fades so quickly.  So I’ll try brown for a while. 🙂

I exercised yesterday.  Not much, but I did it.  Yea me.  I did realize something related to this weight loss thing.  For years, my period has been WAY outta wack.  I won’t have it for months and months.  For 3-4 months, though, it’s been pretty regular.  I mean, last cycle was exactly 28 days!  But I’m still not used to getting it so often (for me, that is).  So, it’s actually supposed to start today.  I don’t feel like it’s going to start, but who knows.

I went through my closet yesterday.  I got rid of a BUNCH of tee shirts that I bagged up for Goodwill.  3 whole trash bags full!  I packed up the summery stuff and got out the fall/winter stuff.  For some reason, they smelled kinda funky from being packed away.  So, I also did laundry.  3 bulging laundry baskets full!  Today I’ve got to fold and put them all away.  Yay. 😛

I found a new time waster.  I know, like I need yet another one.  It’s another social networking thing.  It’s called GetGlue.  You rank various movies, books, music etc.  I haven’t figured out the networking part of it, but I just started looking around it last night.  It’s kind of addictive!


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