Posted by: wildflowerz | October 10, 2010

And people make you nervous. You’d think the world is ending and everybody’s features have somehow started blending. And everything is plastic and everyone’s sarcastic. And all your food is frozen. It needs to be defrosted.

Why am I awake at 5am on a Sunday?  Allergies suck. 😦  I woke up at 4am, congested and blech.  I laid in bed for an hour, unable to go back to sleep.  /sigh

We had a good day yesterday.  My parents came down to go to Em’s soccer game and fall festival.  It was picture day for soccer.  Individual pics were very quick.  We waited for quite a while for them to get the group pictures done, though.  After that, they played their game.  It was their first loss.  They played a team that has another girl from Em’s class on it.  They lost BIG time too.  10-1.  The only goal they scored was when the other team didn’t have a goalie for some reason.  At first I thought they took out their goalie because they were so far ahead, but then they put someone back in.  No clue.  Oh well.  They took it well.

After that we headed to Em’s school’s fall festival.  I love that thing!  We have so much fun!  Even better this year because it was Chris who worked the volunteer booth.  So I got to hang out with Em while she bounced and played games and ate cotton candy.  It was great. 🙂  She saw tons of her friends.  Unfortunately one of her best friends came later than us, so Em only got to do one bouncy thing with her before we had to go.  We’d been there for an hour and a half, it was near dinner time for us, and my parents needed to go home.  Oh well.  They’re so cute together.  And her family is very nice too.  It’s always great when it works out that way. 🙂

After the festival, we did dinner at Chili’s.  Have I raved about their Asian Chicken Salad here before?  I eat salad, but I don’t particularly LOVE it a lot.  But this salad is SO FREAKING YUM!  That means it MUST have tons and tons of calories!

Em’s off school tomorrow.  We’re going to meet Chris for lunch.  We’ll probably stop by the mall area on the way back.  I’m hoping Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s got a small cold pack I can get for Em’s lunch bag.  Also I hopefully can find some more fall/winter clothes for Em.  We’ll see.

Today we’ve got a lazy day planned after all the stuff we did yesterday.  Turns out it’s a good plan…I’m going to need a nap!


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