Posted by: wildflowerz | October 11, 2010

It’s at the old abandoned Old Abandoned Amusement Park…

Hey, look!  Two posts in one day.

Shopping was a complete and utter failure today.  Ug.  We went this morning to the grocery store and then to the library.  We then drove down to Chris’s work and had lunch at Crepe Revolution.  Em declared it the best restaurant ever, excepting Wendy’s.  /lol  I just thought it was okay.  The prices weren’t bad and I’d definitely try it again if given the chance, but it wasn’t great.  I had a Chicken Divan crepe.  Chris got a sampler.  Em got Grilled Cheese with these super yummy diced potatoes.  The really yum thing in Em’s opinion was the Cookies & Creme Crepe we splurged on for dessert.  It tasted like pudding in a crepe and it wasn’t great to me.  Chris and Em liked it a lot, though.

This is where the good part of the day ends.  We dropped Chris off back at his work and headed to the mall.  Earlier in the day, Em got upset.  She was upset because she didn’t think she’d have time to finish reading the Nancy Drew book she wants to read for AR for tomorrow.  We had to have a discussion about not getting stressed out and how she didn’t really HAVE to read the book for tomorrow.  If it took her longer, then it’s perfectly fine.  I don’t think she got it.  So, keep in mind we’ve already had one outburst today.  So, we go to the mall.  We wanted to find some fall/winter dresses for her.  The ones she had are too small.  She’s worn them for two years (at least) and they’re all too short.  So, I talked about how we went to Old Navy and Target the other day and all they had for dresses were sweater dresses.  Cute, yes, but we bought two of them and we need some variety!  Except that that’s all ANYone has.  We went to Children’s Place, Justice for All, Gymboree, Gap, Sears….every other place I could find in the mall with girl’s dresses.  The only thing we found other than sweater dresses were those gaudy lace and velvet numbers that Sears sells.  It’s beyond irritating.  I’m not sure what’s going on here.  There’s plenty of cold weather stuff (unlike Target), but they just don’t have any variety in the dress department.  We also looked at the Disney Store.  They had nightgowns on sale, so we picked up two and a Christmas ornament.  As always happens when I’m there, they’ve got someone up at the counter doing something complicated that takes forever.  Of course, this requires the attention of the two cashiers they have, so after standing there for 10 minutes, we put our stuff down and left.  Em then declared this the worst day ever.  Drama much?

On our way out, we stopped by Bed, Bath, and Beyond to see if we could find a cold pack for her lunch.  Did I mention that the one she had that we got last year broke?  The plug in the back popped open and the clear goo leaked out.  So, we need another one, but I can’t find any.  We got them originally at Target.  Evidently they only have those at the start of the school year.  So, we went to BB&B.  You’d think that if anyone had them, they wouldn’t right?  They don’t.  I keep being disappointed there.  I keep looking for things that they SHOULD have, but they never do.  See, not a good shopping day.

We did stop by the Halloween store on the way out and found two cowboy hats for Em for the Cattle Drive at school.  No one knows that the heck the deal is with that, but whatever.  We got a cowboy hat for her and for the cow.  And they were only $5 each.  So, yea for that.

Now we’re home and Em’s upset because I won’t let her go over to her friend’s house.  She’s been whiny most of the day and acting up, so I’m not inflicting that on anyone else.  Plus, she was so anxious to read her Nancy Drew book.  Yeah, so she’s watching a Phineas & Ferb while she cools and calms down and then we’re going to read some.  Yeah.  It’s been a hectic and disappointing day. 😦


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