Posted by: wildflowerz | October 15, 2010

Emily, 1st Grade, 1st Quarter

Em got her report card today.  I feel that I should record the grades and such somewhere, so here’s where it is.  🙂

For Academic, she got Os (for Outstanding) in Reading, Writing/Grammar, Spelling, and Mathmatics.  That leaves Ss (Satisfactory) in Social Studies, Science, and Health.  For Participation, she got Ss in everything:  Handwriting, Technological Skills, Music, Art, and Phys Ed.  She got Ss in all the Personal Growth/Development and S in General Conduct.  And she got IP/S (In Progress/Satisfactory) in all the Standards Indicators.  Her teacher comment is “Keep up the hard work!  🙂  Emily is a pleasure to have in class.”

My little studious girl!  And since I’m talking about Em’s school, she’s got 38 Points in her AR stuff for the reading!  Since I’m bragging, that’s almost 4x the number of points her teacher wants her to have before the end of the semester…the one that’s just half over with?  XD


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