Posted by: wildflowerz | October 25, 2010

My head is a box filled with nothing and that’s the way I like it. My garden’s a secret compartment and that’s the way I like it.

Being Healthy Week 28 Results:

Weight loss: 1.4lbs (27.6lbs Lost Total)
Points Earned: 49/70
Steps Walked: 39,778
Calorie Deficit:  6098

Yay for a loss.  Not sure how it happened, but whatever. 🙂  I’m still feeling pretty meh about this whole thing.  The foot thing this week threw me off too.  That’s finally feeling better.  It only hurts a teensy bit and I’m not limping anymore.  🙂

Saturday, we had Em’s soccer game.  Chris’s parents came.  Em’s team lost again.  For the third time in a row.  They’re 3-3 now.  We went to Chili’s afterwards and I got bad news.  The most yummiest Asian Chicken Salad that they have?  They’re getting rid of it.  Gah!  No!  /sigh

Sunday we got up and went to Boo at the Zoo.  Em dressed up as Alice and was TOO cute.  They had a few Trick or Treating stations throughout the zoo.  They also had their special events tent set up with crafts, a maze, and characters to meet and dance with.  One of the kangeroo’s had a new baby and it was snuggled up there in it’s mom’s pouch and it was SO STINKIN’ CUTE!  The gorilla’s were playing a LOT.  We got to see the tiger for once.  We saw the new bear.  The red panda was out for once.  There was only one of the giant pandas out and I’m pretty sure it was masturbating.  Anyway, we had a good time.  Em insisted that we eat lunch there, so we went to the Nathan’s booth and that was a BAD idea.  I remembered why I don’t eat hotdogs.  They were hell on my stomach and just felt yuck when i was eating them.  It felt like it was the better option there…they had highly breaded chicken fingers, philly cheese steaks, and hot dogs.  So, yeah.  After that we came home and Em went over to the neighbors to play…again.  She can barely be home for 5 minutes before she’s begging to go over there.  I feel weird about it…she’s always going over there and never vice versa, but Chris says that their little girl’s having some tummy issues and her parents are actually happy to have them around their house.  Though, I do wish they wouldn’t let them play with paint that doesn’t wash out without any smocks…especially when Em’s wearing her WHITE soccer shirt.  But whatever.

This morning was a MESS.  It was raining a bit, but the temps were  back up to 65 or so.  So, I dressed Em in shorts and a tee shirt and we went down to the bus stop with my new giant umbrella.  It wasn’t that bad at first.  Then another mom came and said we were under a tornado watch that I didn’t know about ’cause I don’t look at the tv or anything before we leave in the morning.  So we stood there until around 7:10 (8 minutes after the bus should have been there).  The bus wasn’t coming, the rain was pouring, and the wind was trying to blow my umbrella away.  Our bottom halves were soaked.  So, we went home, changed clothes, and I drove her to school.  That took FOREVER because not only were more parents dropping their kids off, but they were using a different configuration for the car riders where they could only let let off maybe 6 kids at a time instead of the 20 or so like normal.  Oh well.  I’m home now.  I need to take a shower and go to the grocery store.  Very exciting stuff here in our house. 😛


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