Posted by: wildflowerz | October 26, 2010

Listen to the silence, let it ring on. Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun. We would have a fine time living in the night. Left to blind destruction, waiting for our sight.

Warning:  This is at least going to start out as a bragging post.  It’s my right as a mom. 🙂

We got a letter from Em’s school yesterday.  She was recommended by her teacher to be assessed for the gifted program, AIM.  Evidently it’s a long process consisting of the ITBS and CogAT Test of Mental Abilities.  When I was in school, I think it was just the ITBS that tested for it and they tested ALL the kids.  I was in the gifted program and it was called Discovery.  It was just awful.  I’m hoping it’s better now.  And if not, she can always get out of it.

We also got her new Diagnostic Report for reading skills.  Evidently, the important number is the IRL (Instructional Reading Level).  At the beginning of the year, she was at 2.0.  Now it’s at 2.4.  There are tons of numbers on here and I’m not quite sure what the difference is in all of them.  Here they are, though:

  • SS:  256 to 287
  • GE (Grade Equivalent):  2.3 to 2.5
  • PR (Percentile Rank):  91 both times
  • PR Range:  86-94 to 88-94
  • IRL (Instructional Reading Level):  2.0 to 2.4
  • Est. ORF (Estimated Oral Fluency Reading):  70 to 79
  • ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development):  2.2-3.2 to 2.3-3.3

Some of that stuff isn’t explained much, but according to Emily’s teacher, the real number to look at is the IRL.  I think a .4 increase in just a few months is FANTASTIC, personally.  The other number on there with a practical application is the ZPD.  That’s the assessed reading level of AR books that she should be reading in.  It didn’t increase a whole lot, but it’s already pretty high for her grade.  Despite that range, I’d personally say that she can read up to 4.5 without much problem.  After that, she starts having problems with too many of the words.

Here’s how reading stuff goes in our house.  I’m always reading.  Chris is reading more.  Em and I go to the library and she picks 5 regular books that she can read for AR points and one chapter book that she may or may not take a test on.  That’s up to her.  Every day as part of her homework, she reads one of the books twice and takes it to school the next day to take a test on.  On the weekends, she usually reads a chapter book for Monday.  So, at the least, she gets 3 points each week from that.  When she remembers (which honestly isn’t often anymore) she takes tests at school on the books her teacher reads in class.  Other than that, she’s got a book in her backpack to read when she’s got time.  She’s always reading some other chapter book in her spare time.  Sometimes on longer car rides or at dinner, we’re listening to the audiobook of the last Harry Potter.  At bed time, Chris is reading her The Chronicles of Narnia.  I was reading her The Secret Garden, but we’ve taken a bit of a break from that to read something more…Halloweeny…so we’re reading Jane-Emily.

So yay for my little girl!

I had a good talk with another mom at her soccer practice last night.  She’s a really funny lady.  Her little girl sounds a lot like Em.  She reads ALL the time and does a lot of the same things as Em.  It was so funny.  I also talked to the mom of one of Em’s friends in the neighborhood and we’re going to try and get the girls together to trick or treat together.  I haven’t told Em yet, but she’ll be ecstatic.

I feel officially off the exercise wagon.  My foot still hurts a little, but I think I’m just using that as an excuse.  Right now I’m trying to get myself up off my ass and exercise just for 30 minutes or so.  I’m still working up to it.  Wish me luck.

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